I don`t always like breakfast food, what us a way to make sure I eat a great (and healthy) breakfast everyday?

Bonnie X.
Try something like a smoothie or açai bowl – make it fun and tasty . Put in some veg too and you’re off to a great start
Clarence G.
I would eat something you would enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a breakfast food.
Gabriella E.
Think about preparation. Have fruits, nuts, seeds and oats in the cupboard. Eggs are great and don't take too long to prepare.
Adam J.
Don't opt for "breakfast foods". My friend just got back from Norway and they ate chicken, fish or meatball for breakfast. I opt for steamed or broiled fish and veggies with some fruit or whole grain. You can also go for a light soup, spinach and eggs or a Greek salad if you don't want a big meal for breakfast. Sometimes I'll make veggie packed frittata in a muffin pan and grab those for a quick veggie/protein packed breakfast.

Good luck!

Aventino Q.
Building a variety of small foods that you do enjoy can go a long way. If you don't really enjoy breakfast foods, think of other foods you like and modify them for breakfast. For example, if you really like fruits, you can create a meal in many different ways. You can make a smoothie which is very easy on the go and healthy. Or you can cut up fruits and make a fruit salad with drizzled honey. Mixing it up can help keep you on track as well so try to think of 2-4 different ideas that you would like to eat for breakfast and alternate them.
Elisa E.
Preparing your breakfasts on Sunday is a great way to ensure you'll eat them through the week. I make grab-n-go breakfast bags on Sunday afternoon. Muffin quiche are my favorite.
Odila F.
I've figured out what I like and I always buy the ingredients and have them in a handy location so I can easily make a good breakfast every day. For example I enjoy cereal with yogurt, milk and fruit. My favourite cereal is a muesli which is quite heavy, so to make it a healthier meal I mix it up. I have 2 biscuits of Weet-Bix, with some bran, some light muesli and then my favourite (heavy and crunchy) muesli just as a topper for flavour. I then add cut fruit (something easy and fast to cut like kiwi fruit or an apple) and sprinkle some black chia seeds on top.
Georgios S.
Prepare your breakfast or at least plan the night before. If the decision has already been made then it’s harder to not follow through.
Randy W.
I like to have a quick thing to eat on the way out the door. So I keep fruit and nuts in our house all the time. That way I can grab an apple or banana and a handful of nuts in the way out the door
Cindy E.
You know, I thought that exact same thing, but I personally decided to change my perspective on breakfast. I decided to a eat a breakfast as if it was a meal in the middle of the day. I think that the way I do it is by combining a little of everything that I have on my kitchen and making it fun, the making and the eating.
Anthony I.
You might try experimenting with a lot of different kinds of foods for breakfast and not limit yourself to just typical breakfast foods. I love protein shakes for breakfast! Chocolate with some peanut butter in it or strawberry and yogurt. Also open faced sandwiches are great breakfast food as there are so many good proteins to put on a slice of hearty toast. Try cream cheese and salmon, egg or chicken salad, cheddar cheese with ham and tomato or avocado and bacon with sprouts. Do an internet search for more ideas if you like. These ideas are fast to prepare which makes it easier too. Finding foods you like will make you look forward to your breakfast.
Falc O Z.
Premake your breakfast. For example, I boil 2-3 eggs every other day so that I can grab an egg if I'm short on time. Also, I don't have to think about what I'm eating if I have it preplanned. Think of easy foods that you like to eat for breakfast and prepare them the night before.
Maxwell E.
Find a high protein option you enjoy. Trail mix or yogurt with fruit and granola are a little more non traditional. If you have a sweet tooth, try a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread. Bonus points for using reduced fat or all natural peanut butter and no sugar added jelly. It's a great alternative to a pastry.
Roberto E.
Personally I like breakfast smoothies. I put in Mediclear SGS, Green Vibrance, .25 apple, a banana and some walnuts. I also lived in Asia for awhile and they don't eat breakfast foods for breakfast. I thought that was pretty great. No need to eat breakfast foods. Alot of time they are just carbs anyway.
Johanne H.
Pick something you do like to eat. It doesn't have to be traditional breakfast food. Have a sandwich, pasta, or something else you enjoy.
Mary S.
I also do not like breakfast food. My workaround is that I would just eat something I like at breakfast. An egg, a sausage, some pieces of jerky, or even a piece of chicken from the dinner leftovers.
Meik J.
Eat nutritional food which you like. For instance, if you like eggs, have an egg. Maybe have it with fresh fruit and some orange juice or some hot tea. When you find the right balanced combination of foods, you'll find out, you'll feel better, look better, and function better.
Selmaan A Ali
Jesus T.
If you have oats with yoghurt with Apple and nuts. Especially, nuts like almonds, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds. They are very satiating and give lots of energy. Even if you don't like the taste, stick with it for few days and you will develop the taste for it.
Jimmy O.
Its great having the breakfast for me because it gives us quick boost for us. Its help us to maintain stamina throughout the day. I really enjoy my first meal
Riley Z.
I try to get away from the mentality of breakfast food and just look at it like another meal. The Japanese eat rice and fish in the morning, just like any other time of day. And it's not just the Japanese that don't have special breakfast foods
Nicoline Z.
My firs advice would be to start eating the things you like, and that are healthy. Don’t try to force yourself to eat food that you dislike.

My second advice would be that you don’t need to preparare a large breakfast, or eat a lot if you don’t feel that hungry. A fruit or smaller breakfast is a good start – better than nothing at all.

The key point is to get something into your stomach every day by breakfast, and to not turn it into a cumbersome process that takes a lot of time (unless you want to, of course).

Pamela U.
There is no such thing as “breakfast food” just see what foods you like and which you feel like you wouldn’t mind eating in the morning.
Apollonia Y.
Buy fruits like bananas or apples and place them on some visible surface, same with nuts. On days that you're in a hurry just grab some nuts and a banana to go for example. Otherwise I'd recommend cooking eggs and boiling oatmeal. If you don't like them then just stick to the fruits
Caroline F.
I think that having some quick, pre-made options works best for me. I find lean breakfast burritos that take one minute to warm in the microwave (I make a big batch on the weekends, individually wrap and freeze them so they are ready for weekday mornings) and a piece of fruit are a great savoury breakfast on the go. I also make a bigger batch of fruit smoothies with yogurt and freeze them in individual servings work well, too. I take them out of the freezer and leave them in the fridge overnight so they are ready for a quick blender whirl in the morning and they are fast and delicious. If I have more time oatmeal works well for me-I make steel cut oats in my pressure cooker-they cook while I get ready and then they are done when I want to eat. I have learned the hard way-eat something you enjoy. It’s worth having food that you want to eat and is healthy, rather than something that is a chore to get down. Non appetit:)
Victor W.
I don’t enjoy breakfast either so I try to just eat something simple and light like half an avocado or a handful of nuts or even a spoonful of peanut butter. I
Maya U.
So eating is a part of my routine. I drink water about 30 minutes before a meal and use those 30 minutes to prep my breakfast and make coffee.
M Line C.
I'm not a big breakfast eater either. What I like to do is prepare some fresh cut fruit put it up in the fridge, put flax seed and whey protein in my blender the night before. When I'm ready to rock after my morning workout I blend my fruit, protein and almond milk together for a quick on the run breakfast
Johan F.
Pick an hour in your week to make tiny frittata bites that you can warm throughout the week. It may not be much but 2 can easily sustaine you until lunch.
Sophia W.
Always having fruit on hand. Even having a smoothie premade in the freezer or fridge is best practice so you can easily eat something.
Emily U.
There are multiple different ways to make a healthy breakfast, most of the time we just think about the one we've always known because it's easy for us.

Try exploring new breakfast options, like taking inspiration from other countries, cultures or even foods you wouldn't usually eat at breakfast.

I promise you, there's something out there that's for you. Explore your options!