How do you stay healthy when traveling?

Zion T.
Don’t slack off from what you’re used to ding just because you’re traveling stick to your routine if you need to plan ahead to do so, do it!
Izzie U.
To be very honest, I don’t. I’m someone who will just try to get enough protein and calcium for the day one way or another. And I carry my multivitamin & omega 3 tablets. Other than that I try to walk as much as I can, so I atleast have my steps in
Lolo Z.
I think that it’s our mind that tell us “I can’t be healthy when traveling “ the truth is that you can be healthy wherever you are.
It’s about what do you choose to eat or where do you choose to eat. So I would say be mindful and notice what are you eating. Always eat food that you like but also that likes you back and good for you. I hope you find my answer helpful 🥰
Lucie Z.
I will change my life style while traveling.
I will change my diet.
I will only eat home made food so that I won't get ill.
I will also try to get a healthy diet.
I will also try to get enough sleep.