What do you eat in the morning when in rush?

Kasper C.
I'm usually not in a rush yet at breakfast time, but I keep a basket of breakfast bars on my counter next to me the coffee pot. I also usually have bananas in the fruit basket as I eat a banana most mornings whether I'm in a rush yet or not. I keep yogurt tubes in both the fridge and the freezer as well.
Erwan T.
Greek yogurt and piece of fruit. If I’m really in a rush and forget, I get the egg white bites from Starbucks on my way into the office.
Elizabeth U.
If I'm in a rush, I will most likely eat some type of fruit or granola bar. Sometimes a bagel with cream cheese is good, too.
Russell F.
I like to have a granola bar in the morning if I'm in a rush, or a quick bowl of cereal. Planning is really important, so I like to make sure I have something around in case I'm in a hurry or a pre-made breakfast ready to go in the morning.
Maria Z.
Fruit and yogurt! Or a healthy cereal and almond milk. (Whether or not you eat dairy it's delicious!) I also like to take granola bars or other to-go snacks with me if I dont have time for breakfast.
Lina Y.
I made egg muffin cups on Sunday. In the morning when I'm rushing I can just heat a couple of them in the microwave and way in the car if necessary.
Edmundo A.
I am currently trying out veganism for the month of January so it is really important to me that I get iron from lots of sources! So I always make a cup of coffee in a takeaway cup so I can bring it with me, and if I have time, I often make a small breakfast like a piece of toast, a crumpet or an english muffin, usually with marmite for iron or marmalade if I want something sweet. If in a hurry then you can always take this with you as you go. Otherwise, an easy option is over night oats with berries in a Tupperware which you can just grab and take with you. If all else fails I’ll grab some sort of cereal or snack bar or an apple / banana and just eat that on the go! Lots of options, and I am most definitely not an early riser! Hope this helps xx
Am S Y.
I toast 2 loafes of bread in the toaster with honey and a cup of green lemon tea with one or two boiled eggs that I prepped and kept in the fridge (PS: boiled eggs stay for a week in the fridge)
Silje C.
I try to always have some fast options available- a few boiled eggs in the fridge, protein shakes, or almond butter and a banana are some examples. If i know its busy the next morning I prep the night before.

Anything that makes sure I eat either on my way out the door or as soon as I arrive where I have to be.

Emil W.
Well, if I’m really lazy and therefore rushed, I will often grab a fruit or two, a banana and an apple, and stuff a hand of peanuts in my pocket before running out the door. But honestly, my fruit smoothies take about 5 minutes to whip up in the magic bullet. I hardly have any excuse not to make one! And I never need to get bored of the flavours because I can just change the fruits I use or the quantities of each fruit to make it taste different! It’s pretty simple really. If I’m really organised I’ll boil up a couple eggs or break off some cucumber to take as snacks to get me through until lunchtime.
Dorothee Y.
If I’m in a hurry I throw some things in my ninja and make a smoothie so I can take it with me. I also, have some protein bars in case I’m really in a rush.
Katherine Z.
I am not very good at eating in a rush yet. I usually just don't eat and it has become normality for me, which I know is bad, but these things take time to get used to you know.
Mathias M.
I eat eggs, very easy to cook. With a cereal drink, and a banana if we have some at home. Bananas are awesome, keep in stock 🙂
Suzy B.
Greek yogurt and berries or a protein smoothie. I want to incorporate nuts. With berries, nuts would be the fastest. I'm going to buy some soon.
Magliane Q.
I have yogurt with berries or a protein bar. And a herbal tea. I make sure I'm mindful of eating my breakfast. Have a good day.
Elena O.
Easy breakfasts to make are a delicious smoothie or milkshake, and sometimes when I’m in a big rush, I’ll just grab a banana for breakfast
Edeltrud F.
A smoothie or a protein shake are my go-tos for my very early mornings. Sometimes if I think ahead, I'll boil eggs the night before so I could have those in the morning too.
Frederik B.
I always keep vemma bode drinks in my fridge. They are ready to go and count for my morning caffeine as well as 20g of protein. If I want something warm that doesn't create dishes and I can eat on the move… I do a piece of toast with a cheese stick and if I have any a slice of salami or deli meat.
Theresa N.
I typically have a casserole ready to reheat by the slice in about two minutes. Otherwise, I sometimes pick up food on the way to work.
Eloane Q.
Fruit smoothie. I always keep a stash of frozen mixed fruits. Just add coconut milk! Additional things you can add to increase how healthy it is are: Spinach, yogurt and for a touch more sweet some honey!

I also really like egg toast. Just fry an egg and put it on some whole grain toast. Avocado optional!

David W.
If I'm in a rush, a bawl of all bran cerial. Though it's not full of protien, the fiber makes me feel full for a long time, and I need the fiber anyway.
Ga L E.
Usually a granola bar and some fruit. The granola bars I buy have nuts in them, so you get the protein you need in the morning. The fruit rounds it out, making for a pretty healthy breakfast that still keeps you going.
Lucas T.
Usually some fruit and some toast or crackers. The worst is eating in the car on the way, it makes me feel sick. Not a great way to start the day.
Roland P.
I normally try to grab some sort of fruit like a handful of blueberries or an orange along with nuts – or if I have time to make toast I make toast with peanut butter.
Lucie A.
Nothing. If I have money I’ll get two egg and cheese breakfast tacos. If I don’t have money I don’t eat until lunch time.
Franklin F.
When I have to get going ASAP, I take a shaker cup and a serving of Huel meal replacement and a banana or apple if they're available. Takes only about 1 minute to get everything together and I'm on my way. Works wonders when you're running late and helps me stay on track with my weight loss goals.
Lucas Z.
Oatmeal or Cornmeal porridge made with coconut milk. You can make a pot of 4-5 servings on Sunday and microwave it or take it to work
Victoria Y.
When I'm running behind, I usually grab a granola bar (or some high-fiber, high-protein cereal) and a piece of fruit. Easily portable things that I can munch on the go.