How you guys prepare for weekly healthy lunch?

Ida S.
It depends on the type of lunch I am taking. But one of my fool proof methods is to do what I can the day before. I will have my lunch bento box settig out clean and ready to put my food it. Some things such as leftover, I even pack the night before and pop in the fridge adding the dry components or things that could go stale before I leave out the door. But the modt important thing is to take what you like. It makes it more likely you will set aside time to make it, and even more likely you will eat it.
Ma Wenn C.
My girlfriend and I go grocery shopping on Sundays and plan and buy enough of whatever we want for lunches that week to prep for each day. I work late evenings so we also do dinners that way in order to avoid making a fast food stop every night on the way home from work.
Maxine E.
One of my fav lunches is – a wholemeal pitta bread, spread with pesto on top, with mozzarella perals, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn and shredded meat of which you prefer. Sometimes I use chicken other times I use turkey ham. Then bake in the oven for 10min on medium heat and valaaaaa 🤤😋😁
Tr M A.
I usually go groceries shopping in the weekends. I used to meal prep in the weekend, but it’s such a long and labor intensive process. After a few months of doing that, I slowly just switched to prepare lunch the dinner before. Also, to make myself notice more of the produce and vegetable, I washed them, and just leave it on the dish drying rack. That way I’ll just grab some fruit, and incorporate the vegetable in my meals
Elnoza N.
I don’t actually “prepare” for lunch. I simply go with the flow. If I do feel hungry, I eat lunch, if I don’t, then I don’t eat lunch, and have dinner a couple of hours later with my family. Though if I am hungry at lunch, then it mostly depends on what I’m craving for at that moment. Sometimes I eat healthy, sometimes I eat fast food and even sometimes, I order breakfasts, like sandwiches and eggs with sausages and etc.
Elsie F.
I work everyday (expect Wed and Fri) from 9-6:30, plus a 30-45 minute commute both ways. Being that I don't often have a lot of time to cook, I found that meal prepping is a great way to have a quick and healthy meal ready to go.
This is what I do.
Fridays are my meal prep days. I plan out my meals (if you don't know what to cook/how to do meal prepping, google it. There are a lot of great recipes and resources online to help you), make my grocery list, and go shopping. I also cook a fresh meal for lunch on Fridays. I then cook and prep my lunches for Sat-Tues. I suggest that you only prep for about 4-5 days ahead because that is usually how long the food us good for. On Wednesdays I double the recipe of whatever I am making for lunch and put the other half away to eat on Thursday.
I have found that this really helps me eat healthier. Meal prepping can take a few hours depending on what you are making, so try to set aside a specific time to do all of the meal prepping. However, while it is time consuming, it is a lot cheaper and healthier than any fast food.
Hope this helps!
Amy P.
I use an app that helps me keep track of what food I have etc. And its use by/ best before date. It means that I find it easier to know what to buy and what I have to make a meal with.
Fedor U.
I buy my groceries on Monday and cook my healthy meals with veggies and fruits
I prepare soups and salad mostly when I wake up in the morning I prepare a lunch pack.
Neotero Q.
I keep the fridge full of healthy foods: fruit, yogurt, oatmeal in pantry. I try to eat light for lunch and eat an early dinner because it is better to go to bed having digested dinner.
Karla U.
Immunity soup and anti-inflammatory soup on sunday for the whole week. I also like to freeze some soups (when I make a lot) in silicone molds for future use. The jumbo muffin tins make 1 bowl of soup. I bring my "soup sicle" to work and allow it to thaw in fridge until lunch!
Camille P.
I have a generously sized bento box that I usually fill with fruit, nuts, hummus and a salad with heaps of veggies. I’ll sometimes add some smoked salmon, chicken or Jackfruit too.