What’s a quick and healthy breakfast option?

Arlene Q.
Rolled Oats ( not instant) It only takes 5 minutes to cook. Berries and nuts as topping. Low fat milk. Tiny drizzle of pure honey.
Na L Z.
Mornings are always packed with so much to do for me so I don't have time to fix a huge breakfast and sit down and eat it. I still like to eat something healthy and quick though. I usually try to have bananas, yogurt and peanut butter stocked up for my breakfast. Any fruit is great and a little peanut butter gives me the protein I need. I have to take medication in the morning and it has to be taken with food so these quick, healthy, on the go options are great for just that.
William P.
Protein with veg. I like to see something green on every meal’s plate. Some fat to fill me up and energize without weighing down like a carb will. And it should really really taste good.
Lina P.
For me, what really makes me feel good is a fruit juice, some eggs and a slice os bread. I only drink coffee about 1h30 after.
Leana Y.
A good sandwich – wheat bread, cheese, lettuce and a hefty serving of tuna. And a glass of milk or a cup of green tea. 🙂
Rodney Q.
Always go for oatmeal. It is healthy, nutritious, and we can admit it tastes delicious. If this doesn't sound appealing then try adding brown sugar, fruit, and syrup to it. Best luck!
Brittany S.
Plain yogurt. Add your own fresh fruit, granola, nuts. You can also add seeds like pumpkin, sunflower, chia.

Look at the yogurt label and get low sugar, no added sugar. You can also get low fat yogurt if you want.

Joseph Z.
An assortment of fruits. Put 'em in a tupperware and you're good to go.
If you'd like more, you could always add in yoghurt, muesli, honey.
Rosemarie W.
I hard boil a few eggs but n Sunday and then drop them on some greens during the week. I also like avocado on some seed crackers. And I have a go-to protein shake: almond milk, chai tea, spices and a couple spoons of almond butter. Hot, savory, fast.
Renate U.
Depends on your morning, whether it be a smoothie of banana oats milk honey etc or a smoothie bowl of fruit yoghurt and muesli or even toast with avo whatever you enjoy and whatever will help you to feel sustained.
Evel Cio P.
Make a smoothies. You can even set out the ingredients the night before all you have to do is throw some fruit,water,and ice in a blender!
Christian B.
I really like to make avocado toast! It’s super delicious and not that hard to make. I always like to add some lemon juice to my avocado to give it some extra flavor! You could also add some eggs fore some protein.
Gordon Z.
Overnight oats! Oatmeal, plant milk/milk/water in about the same proportion (I like almond milk best!), low/no sugar protein powder (I like collagen or plant-based hemp), and then whatever you like! I always add cinnamon and rotate between almonds and chia seeds, and between bluberries, strawberries, and banana but any nut/seed/fruit combination will work! You can stir in a spoon of nut butter too! I keep a stash of frozen berries to make it easy. Just dump it all in a container, mix, and leave in the fridge overnight. On Saturday I heat it up in the morning and top with cold cashew yogurt to make it special, and on Sunday I sometimes chuck the oats, almond milk, and a banana in the blender and blend it into pancake batter! Cook like regular pancakes and top w almond butter, fruit, and agave for a treat.
Maria C.
Oatmeal, breakfast bars, quick is different for me then not because I really don't want to eat at 5am when I have to leave for work
Mabel X.
In my opinion, I think an apple and a yogurt. Or, a smoothie with fruits and oatmeal; an oatmeal with honey and banana. 💪🏽
Bob F.
Green smoothie. Add as many heathy shots as possible as well as your fruits and veges – spirulina, flaxseed, chia seed, protein powder, probiotics etc. See what they have on offer at your local smoothie place and try and find those products for home use if you need more ideas.
Nils E.
I like to eat the same cereal every day because it's quick and easy and I don't have to think about it. I should use this technique for other meals.such as dinner. Maybe cook up meals on the weekend for during the week
Label foods in the freezer
Mia T.
I take an apple and banana, cut it to pieces and sprinkle with cinnamon. Add a hand full of unroasted and unsalted chashew nuts, and off you go 😉
J Lia P.
A mixture of fruit/veg, protein and carbs
Ideas include:
Omelette with diced veggies and slice of toast
Toast with natural peanut butter and a piece of fruit
Low fat yogurt with low sugar granola and fruit
Breakfast wrap with sweet potato, scrambled egg white, cheese, avocado, spinach, etc
Niels O.
I eat two hard boiled eggs and a generous portion of mixed fruits every morning. I make enough eggs on Sunday evening to last for the week, and buy 3 different kinds of fresh fruits and mix them into a bowl for the week.
Gl Dis W.
I usually drink actimel (probiotic drink) as it’s quick and you can take it with you. Sometimes when I get into work I also have a yoghurt or a rice pudding. Fruit is a great breakfast, if you don’t have time just grab a few different types of fruit hat you like or in the evening when you’re back from wherever, make a big fruit salad, put it in the fridge and put some in a container to take with you for the morning ☺️
Laura Z.
I personally would vouch for a cottage cheese either with some nut butter or sour cream or even olive oil. For the first two options I also like adding something sweet.
Sue E.
Mixed nuts is my go to because it’s something that I can bring along with me, doesn’t require any preparation, and is easy to consume. Another good option is a pair of sunny side up eggs. Incredibly easy to make, and your getting a ton of protein straight off the bat.
Leidemere F.
A healthy breakfast shouldn't have an processed foods other than cereal. Adding some protein to your breakfast is beneficial
Vernon O.
A smoothie with whole-milk plain yogurt, frozen berries, and whatever nutrition boosts you need (whey protein, chia seeds, cocoa powder, etc.)
Victoria Q.
Boiled eggs and fruit; almond butter and celery; yoghurt and fruit; scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese; a breakfast salad
Gottlieb F.
Some Times fruits , some times Puaa , some times dry fruits with milk , some times vegetables juice , some time fruits juices , some times rice products etc ..