Is there anything you like to prepare overnight that contributes to a higher protein breakfast (besides eggs)?

Sueli Q.
No because i have school on weekdays so there is no time to make somethings i just have to eat cereal. And by the way im 10
Ms Y.
Ahh no not much, but peanut butter is one yet it has a lot of sugar and protein shakes is another but their expensive and not very tasty
Mah O.
Yes, sometimes I make chia pudding or overnight oats, but I want that my Ed should make me do it more often , it’s scares me and I’m afraid of it.. But I WANT to feel better with myself, so I’m gonna do what I really want at the moment and what I have more closer to me, not to being snob, but just to make myself nourished and happy! I want to see some changes, I really hope to !!
Simon C.
I have recently started making smoothies in the morning with frozen fruits that you buy from the super market and a high protein yogurt.
Mat N.
Some ideas: peanut butter (doesn’t have to be on a sandwich), banana, overnight oats (sure theres many good recipes online), rinsed canned beans or cooked beans if you have more time, canned tuna, meat ignore you eat it, also any leftover meals that have protein in them. Leftovers as breakfast is completely valid.
Laly O.
I have been on a fast for a while so I would suggest tuna and beans to find protein. So far it has been working for me and I feel great.
Floris U.
Best is take oatmeal in morning with milk/soy milk or other. Oatmeal and the milk together contain a lot of proteins. For most people enough besides bodybuilders. I eat it with cinnamon and a apple.