Is anything missing from a breakfast of all bran flakes with almond milk? Is it good enough to start the day on?

Maelya A.
In my opinion, I think that have a variety of foods that you like is good and I don't think eating the same thing over and over again will give you the energy boost that you need for the day.
Carter T.
A lot depends on how much energy you need for your morning, will you be exercising low intensity or high? I would say it would be a good idea to add some fruit in, maybe a banana, as well as some nuts and berries. Or maybe sometimes have some yogurt instead of milk to mix it up.
Benita N.
Yup that’s a really good! You could add a whole banana to it – you could slice em up, caramelize them, and then add them to your flakes, elevates the taste and gives you more nutrition.
Kathryn Q.
It is a good idea to add some nuts and fruit. That way you are getting some good fats and one of your five fruits at the start of your day.
Benjamin W.
I say no, for me personally when I eat something like bran flakes and almond milk I dont feel as energized as when I eat something like eggs or fruit and nuts.