Sometimes when I’m in a rush, I pack my breakfast and eat it in my first class in school. Does that still count as eating a great breakfast? I usually eat a banana with a slice of bread.

Bernard U.
Yes it counts! Other things you could do is the night before make a healthy breakfast smoothie if that's something you enjoy!
Debra E.
Personally, I would not consider this a good breakfast but not because it was eaten on the go but because to me this is not the healthiest and most balanced option. Also I feel like this would not fuel me up enough to have a good day.
Carmen P.
No not necessarily so you must meet all of nutritional requirements before it can be a great breakfast. Also a great breakfast must also be tasty and fulfilling to the next person. That is my opinion. I am not a doctor or specialist but I have participated in a weight group where we discuss things about health issues we face. So look into the healthy plate and then ask questions that would be considered as tasty and a balanced breakfast. I hope this helps you in some way! Good luck on your breakfast journey. TIme is a valuable asset so use your time wisely to plan and prepare for what a great breakfast offers to you in return. Maybe not all the boxes will be checked off but most of them should be met! One!
Reimar E.
While not the most substantial breakfast, it is still replenishing fuel and energy levels. While not eaten in the most mindful of settings. If that is what the morning allows then it is okay. You’re eating before you start using your brain for school so the morning classes will be easier than without food.