I’m out of ideas! What could be great vegan breakfast?

T Lio I.
In my opinion you can use bread or non-bread substitute, with avocado that can be crushed, and on the side you can put vegetables or fruits of your choice
Rachael N.
Porridge/overnight oats/granola/cereal with plant milk and your favourite fruit, toast with jam/marmalade/nut butter, smoothie, pancakes with berries & nut butter, granola bars/baked porridge, oaty muffin – loads of ideas! All work well with seeds sprinkled on top to boost protein and other goodies! 😋
Chloe Z.
Avocado toast with a bowl of oatmeal and some dairy free milk of choice. As well as chia pudding or if you have some extra time a sweet potato casserole
Clemens X.
Green apple ,fresh milk with rice crackers ,with a boiled egg for proteins along with boiled vegetables including potatoes and spinach
Bianca P.
coffee or tea (with plant-based milk if you like) and toasts with peanut butter or hummus! if PB, you can add banana slices on top!
Luis W.
Oatmeal porridge (1 part oatmeal, 2 parts water and a pinch of salt – stir – microwave for 30-60 sec – stir – microwave for 30 more seconds if it's too watery) with banana, crushed walnuts, maybe a little syrup and a vegan alternative for milk.
Lena R.
Two slices of sourdough bread,
On one. avocado, salt / pepper and some lemon juice.
On the other peanut butter, banana and honey. 🙂
Clyde A.
There's tons of possibilities when it comes to eating a healthy and satisfying vegan breakfast. For example, a common option for this early meal is a smoothie bowl. A rich and creamy smoothie can be made by substituting milk for avocado (which provides fiber and heart-healthy fats to make you feel more full). The thicker the smoothie, often, the more satisfying it will be. But maybe sweeter tastes aren't your thing. That's okay! Another dish that requires a bit more prep (but is well worth it to satiate cravings for savory food) is "Huevos' Soy Cheros." For this dish, simply substitute the regular scrambled egg portion of the dish for crumbled tofu. For the best results, try cooking the tofu in a skillet for a fluffier texture closure to actual eggs. Turmeric can also be a worthwhile addition as a spice for flavor and to add a lovely golden hue to the dish! All in all, this modern vegan rancheros will make for a filling and healthy meal (while providing for over 35% of your daily fiber goal per serving)! Hope you enjoy!
Bea E.
oatmeal! I usually use rice milk. If you add some fruit and berries to it + peanut butter is absolutely delicious. Smoothies are also very filling.
Noa Y.
A really yummy and great vegan breakfast could be a smoothie bowl. It's really easy to make, you blend your favorite frozen fruit for example:banana, mango, peach, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. If you want you can also add vegetables like spinach to get some greens to. And the you blend your fruit togheter with some vegan yoghurt or milk.
Kalijn U.
-Healty vegan oats with coconutmilk and cinnamon.😍
You prepare the oats the same way you would normally do: 1 cup oats to 2 cups water, but now you replace 1 cup of water with coconutmilk. So 1 cup oats, 1 cup water and 1 cup coconutmilk.
Keep on stearing, don't leave cuz it goes faaaast! When it's done sprinkel some cinnamon in to the mixture. Yummm.

-Vegan creamcheese🤤
I reconmend taking the recipe from FullyRawKristen on Youtube. In the video she uses a cheese cloth, I never used a cheese cloth cuz the mixture is thick enough.
I split the cream in half after is been processed nice and creamy. Then I use Chives in one, and in the other I put in rosemary!
This creamcheese tased amaaaazing on a bagel😍🤤

Oliwia O.
I love eating chia pudding, vegan pancakes (there are a lot of recipes online!), acai bowls, grilled veggies, vegan toast, i also like to make tofu in all kinds of sauces the day before so i can add them to my salad in the morning! Hope i helped!