What kind of egg recipes do you use?

Ljudmila Q.
I love quinoa bowls. You can make a lot of quinoa and roasted veggies for meal prep. Then in the morning warm up 1/2cup of quinoa and some veggies in a skillet. Place in a bowl when warm. Then cook an egg in the hot skillet (I love mine over easy) and place on top on the quinoa veggie mixture. Season with salt/pepper or Mrs Dash or any spice mixture you love.

Selbi R.
I make a vegetable omllette with cheese. First I fry the my veritables then I add my eggs on top. After cooked I spary some cheese on top and leave it for 5 minutes

Metzli R.
I have recently became vegan so I don’t eat eggs but tofu with some good seasoning like turmeric, cumin, and garlic is a great replacement. I normally put it in breakfast burritos or make a tofu scramble and add in arugula, mushrooms, and bell peppers. 😊

Ash G.
Sometimes i like to bowl the egg and then serve it with toast and cheese and sometimes some tomatoes , also my second recipe is i like to make an omelette but with vegetables.

Serafina Q.
Soft scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, and sunny side up eggs on the weekdays. Frittatas and quiches for special occasions. Eggs Benedict when eating out

Kieley E.
I normally make a variety of egg dishes from regular scrambled and over easy to toad in a hole omelettes egg burritos egg sandwiches and loys of other things

Albert U.
Depends on the mood. Sometimes i prefer boild egg with salad and little lemon juice. Other times when I'm graving for some fat i prefer an omelette with whatever veg i have in my fridge.

Diana R.
So, for breakfast I often have scrambled eggs or fried eggs, usually in a sandwich with tomatoes and cheese. You could also have boiled eggs or poached eggs or even baked ones for lunch or dinner along with some vegetables.

Laura O.
My husband and I eat keto recipes so we eat a lot of egg recipes. 🙂 I would recommend any books or Blogs by Maria Emmerich or Carolyn Ketchum. Excellent and delicious.