Any other varieties of food I can have for breakfast?

Elise R.
Tbh – if I put food in my mouth I count it as a breakfast – but in the AM I focus on a protein at the least, and try to incorperate some whole grain. I save the fruit and veg for other meals/snacks. If you have a sweet tooth, but aren't bfast crazy – try a sweet trail mix with nuts and whole oats, or some low sugar/fat ice cream or frozen yogurt, add some savory buttered whole grain toast to eat either before or after – if you eat it after then your sweetened tongue will really get the salt and umami flavor from the salted butter. Or even other foods that aren't associated with breakfast. Grilled chicken, ham sandwich, etc. I'll order a ham sandwich from subway with whole grain bread and load it up with all the veggies. Have em cut it into fourths, and that is bfast for 4 days.