Any tips on tasty

Falko E.
Chia pudding made with fairlife milk and flavored with vanilla bean paste, topped with a variety of dried fruits and nuts.
Friedemann X.
I think tasty is any fresh, non-processed and nutritious food that you can find – nuts, seeds, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat, fish, etc.
Jas O P.
I eat tacos! A warm soft tortilla loaded with beans, avocado, and leftover cooked or raw veggies with some chipotle salsa.
Ben J.
I often cook boiled broccoli and carrot with turkey/chicken sausages. Or a whole grained toast with salmon and avocado. It is fast to cook and tasty.
Sam J.
I have a cup of oatmeal everyday with a half a teaspoon of coconut sugar I really am really glad that I have this app it's making me think more and it's making me more patient with a lot of things
Boris F.
If fruit doesn't count as sweet for you, I can suggest a sliced banana in a bowl with cashew butter on top. It's super delicious and full of protein and vitamins.
Sohan Q.
I love to eat grits in the morning. Not sure where you lifeand if you can buy them, but they are really good for filing you up.i eat them with Turkey sausage. Super yummy!
Kathleen N.
When I don't have any eggs in the house I like to have some smashed avocado on some toast coated with a thin layer of Vegemite 🙂
Claus X.
In my country the basic breakfast includes cheese and bread with nuts (walnut and pistachio are the common ones) or vegetables (usually tomatoes and cucumbers).
It contains a wide range of nutritions and is rich protein because of the cheese.
Flora E.
Plain yogurt! Non sweet cereal and milk! Oatmeal! Make a veggie saute ahead and microwave it in the am! Whole grain bagel with vegetable spread!
Eddie O.
Oh it's so tasty. Just buy it in the market. First, boil it. Second, prepare salt. Finally, let's eat. Because i don't have much time in the morning, i need go to school, i just eat an egg like that. If i still lack energy, i will drink a carton of milk. Cheers.