What is a quick easy breakfast food for a rushed morning?

Christoffer E.
With you are on a rush the best nutritional breakfast that you can eat are oatmeal, eggs ou even some weatbix, put some fruit on top and you’re ready to eat and begin the day with lots of energy!

Gabriel W.
Muesli and yoghurt and pop it in a jar if you need to eat on the go. Otherwise fruit or fruit juice and a handful of almonds also works.

Allan U.
Personally it is very hard for me to start my day with breakfast in the morning, cause of the time for the preparations. So, I just decided to buy whole wheat cereal bars. It is healthy, and hella fast to eat. U can also accompany it with water, coffee or whatever u like.

Jonas X.
Microwave a bowl of oatmeal and a pre-made egg cup! There are plenty of guides online for the egg cup, and oatmeal is easy and filling. If you want to, top the oatmeal with some fruit like blueberries or pomegranate seeds.

Sergio T.
French toast if i have like 20 minutues…but lets say i dont even have that, then cheese walnut sandwich..its like cheese in the middle of 2 breads and some walnut in it.

Ad Rio P.
Overnight oats!

Whether you spend 5 mins prepping the night before to eat in the morning, or in t he morning to take them to work. So many flavour combinations online 🙂

Paige U.
Juices. I blend oats, berries, chia seed, almonds, yogurts, green vegies, and whey proteins for a quick breakfast. Sometimes when i am in a hurry, i put it in my tumbler and drink it while on the road.

Gladys C.
Prepare over night oats and eat it with a banana and peanutbutter or try blueberries with some lemon juice! You could also try a omelette in a cup (:

Valdemar N.
Check out the recipe for Overnight Parfait from The Food Babe. Quick and easy to make and Is done the night before. Just take out of the fridge and eat in the AM

Alexis S.
If you make time for meal prep, I love to Make and freeze breakfast burritos for a quick heat and go, or over night oats (my favorite flavor is soy milk with pecans, green apple slices, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove) got a cold on the go breakfast. If you want to cook morning of, my go to is hard boiled eggs, while wheat toast and some form of fruit for grab and go action.

Maja W.
Natural yoghurt (to avoid high sugar content) with seeds (high in protein and lots of energy!) and a cereal or musli with low sugar content, and a small glass of juice on the side!

Vincent U.
I love chia seed pudding with berries and walnuts. Just mix 2tablespoons chia seed with 1/2 cup soy or almond milk the night before. In the morning you can throw in your berries or nuts. Some people use sweetener, but I normally use sweetened soy milk, so that is sweet enough for me