What would be a good light breakfast if soon after it you’d go exercising?

Sofia C.
You can take a banana or some nuts (Almond,cajou, peanut, etc). You can also take a bol of oatmeal with fresh fruits, or other things that will not make you feel bloated.
William E.
Everyone is different but for me I would have a banana, small piece of fruit or a muesli bar before exercising. Then I would eat an early lunch! Otherwise, you can wake a bit earlier and still have a normal size breakfast. Try to give yourself an hour before exercising (longer if it’s yoga!)
Kyle O.
If I want to go exercise after breakfast I would go for something like a slice of toast or 2 crackers with avocado and tomato or 1 scrambled egg and some veggies. If you dont want the bread I would recommend a small omelette or yogurt with a banana and some granola. An option for some are overnight oats in or/combination with chiapudding! I love overnight oats with blueberries and some lemon juice!
Rhonda Y.
Hi there, I would go for yoghurt and tea, but restrain yourself from eating and drinking to much. After you have finished your work-out you can eat and drink as you normally would.. I do think that this method only works if you have some energy/fluidreserves from dinner the night before. You can’t run on empty! Good luck!
Anaizi P.
If you're going exercising straight after I would suggest just eating just a banana and drink some water. If it's going to be a little longer, maybe half an hour, before the exercise I would add sim yoghurt
Liva Z.
(1) whole wheat mini bagel with cream cheese & (2) hard boiled large eggs. Then I’d wait at least 30-45 minutes before exercising.