What do you usually have for breakfast?

G K E Z.
Sandwich with cofee
Just sandwich
Just green tea
Green tea and pastry
Just pastry
Actually my breakfast is what i buy in my way so 🤷🏻‍♀️
Marian J.
It depends on what I have in my house. I've had bagels, eggs, etc. Lately I've been eating a granola bar and a banana before work.
Rawan N.
Most of the time i eat one egg with cheddar in a toast and beside it any kind of fruit and coffee or tee
Also some days i eat cake with tee
Martin E.
I usually have oatmeal with a honey and a glass of orange juice but sometimes I will have yogurt with granola or a smoothie with protein powder almond milk spinach berries And sometimes I’ll add pineapple or When I have time I’ll make eggs with spinach bacon and some fruit on the side
Noah Z.
Blueberry protein smoothie – 1 Cup blueberries, 1/2 cup nonfat greek yogurt, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 scoop protein powder. Blend.
Cassie Y.
I usually alternate between what types of food I eat for breakfast to give variety to my mornings. I try to always incorporate an egg in my breakfast because they are an amazing protein food that we keep me running throughout the day. Fruity oatmeal is another one of my favorites. It tastes amazing and is also very good for you. Some days, I’ll just sub in a healthy strawberry and banana smoothie for breakfast.
Christoffer Z.
Before this app usually nothing or a granola bar on the drive to school. Now, a breakfast sandwich, cereal, or sometimes waffles with my son. It feels good!
Jared B.
I like smoothies but I'm not a big fan of eating in the morning so it was usually something small like toast but now I am making an effort to make better choices so a smoothie and I am trying to do a protein also
Tim F.
I start the day with a big glass of water, before even leaving the bedroom. I usually have one egg, either microwave scrambled or one that’s been boiled, and a smoothie with frozen fruit, fruit juice, and protein mix.
Rachel N.
If I’m at work a quick bowl of bran flakes and yoghurt or a boiled egg and a banana is what I reach for. If it’s my day off I love scrambled egg on toast or some smoky beans.
Darryl P.
Quite honestly, I usually have cold cereal right before rushing out the door. However, I would like to make the effort to make fruit smoothies in the mornings.
Cilly V.
I normally have a banana with peanut butter spread on top! It has carbs for your energy and the peanut butter has a bit of protein! Keeps me going for a bit! 😉