What does Fabulous mean by a Great Breakfast? Are there certain parameters that can demote it to merely a Good or Passable Breakfast? I have muesli and sometimes beans and tomatoes on toast. Sometimes I wonder if the toast or muesli (which is not a pure protein source) bring down my score, and if I really should be checking this habit as Done. Thoughts?

Janusz X.
Fabulous states that a good healthy breakfast should be free from sugar and it should fill you and make you feel full in the mornings. They do in courage that you have a good source of protein with your breakfast. Try eggs on your toast for a few mornings and see how you feel. Muesli is still a okay source of protein. So if you feel full in the mornings, you should definitely tick that box! You should also try so nuts like almonds to go along with your breakfast. It keep you going for longer.
Judy F.
I think a great breakfast provides: 10g or more of protein, Vitamins A and C from fruits and/or vegetables,
and carbohydrates from grains. The amounts and balance will vary because everyone has different dietary and caloric needs.