Did you change the order of your morning habits?

Tri A.
Yes. I exercise in the afternoon. However, most of the time I do not go through with the exercising routine because I'm either tired or feeling unmotivated.

Mistar O.
Of course afew days i was wake up at 11:00 now i wake up 4:40 pray alfajr and start my day step by step with this app my life became more better and the day became more longer with alot healthy things to to thank u very much for creating this app which is helped me alot and stell helping me and it will forever for this nice talk i hope to give me the supescripetion for free 😅

Gladys X.
Yes, I'm not getting early in the morning because I use some excuses to sleep longer like take some rest it helps you through out he day like that. I don't want to be like this anymore I will go early to bed at the night and rise early in the morning. Excuses are infinite to me. I'm wasting lot of time by not being productive and spending energy in unwanted things. I will rectify those and I'll work on my newself which will help me grow in the future. The future self will definitely thank me for this:)