Any good ideas for making hard boiled eggs more delicious? I have a ready supply at work and would like to figure out some good hacks to make them more appealing.

Gerald Y.
First peel the egg. Then cut it in half and sprinkle some sea salt and black pepper and pour a little bit of olive oil on it ( if you can then heat up the oil for better taste)
Lilian C.
There is an easy way to marinade your eggs. 1) boil, 2)soak the pre boiled egg into soy sauce for example (other options can be found on the Internet) and after 24 hours the eggs are ready for consumption.
Fernanda S.
Have them on a rice cracker and avocados. Maybe you could make a frittata or torta pasquale and have that instead on days when you have more time.
D Lcio Z.
You could bring some spices or something as a snack to pair with it. Or if you could find easy deviled egg ideas. I might try Pinterest if you have any other recipe needs
Mia Z.
Definitely light salt and pepper!! There are also always deviled eggs, or using the boiled eggs on a salad!! Maybe hot sauce? I’ve never tried hot sauce on a boiled egg though!!
Eva E.
I tend to add something on top, like a little bit of salt or if you enjoy a fish flavour something called Kalle’s Kaviar, a Swedish fish roe paste which is used commonly in Scandinavia. You can get tubes of it from IKEA, granted it is a particular taste and an acquired one but give it a go!
Maria B.
For me I just peel them and eat them in the AM as a quick breakfast because I’m not much of a breakfast person before work, but it is quick easy protein.

Otherwise, I like to put hard boiled eggs in salads or make egg salad.