What do vegans eat for breakfast?

Maritis N.
Some simple options: Avocado toast. Cereal. Overnight oats. Protein shake. Smoothie. Bagel with peanut butter or vegan cream cheese. Fancier options: Egg substitute or tofu with black salt, pancakes/waffles, hash browns, bacon substitute, a burrito, or a casserole with chickpea flour egg substitute and vegan cheese…so many options. Basically the same things non-vegans eat, just sub in a few alternatives and you’re good to go!
Clara R.
Cereal with non diary milk, toast with peanut butter and banana or apple, there is vegan butter too, rye bread or sed crackers with peanut butter, Belgian dark chocolate spread
Eva S.
Porridge with banana, smoothies, cereal with coconut milk, pancakes, vegan sausages, granola and soy yogurt, avocado toast
Carol J.
well they probably eat like waffles or something. wait. nvm. those have eggs. ummm they probably drink smoothies! my moms a vegan and she drinks a bunch of smoothies
Victor P.
Fruit, an assortment of nuts, nut butter for protein source. Also some vegan baked goods. Tea with almond or coconut milk
Anton B.
I'm a vegan and I like to eat toast with a nut butter and berries on top, or a smoothie with whatever fruit we have, almond butter, a bit of spinach, and splash of non-dairy milk. Sometimes when I want to make something more special I'll find a recipe online for vegan pancakes or something.
Grace J.
What I eat in the morning is a bowl of muesli, with linseed, nuts, dried fruits, defrosted raspberries (I take them out of the freezer the night before) and vegan yogurt
Emma J.
I always eat a huge bowl of almond milk yogurt and fruit with a sprinkle of toppings like nuts or coconut OR a bowl of oatmeal with fruit topping (fresh or dried). If I don’t have fresh fruit, I make a smoothie bowl with frozen fruit. When bananas get to ripe, I wrap in plastic wrap and freeze, then slice with some frozen mango, vegan yogurt, a few drops of coconut extract, and a splash of almond milk. Blend it up and top with almonds, coconut, and a few banana chips. Yum!
Silke A.
Oatmeal, fruit, peanut butter, maybe a smoothie, granola or cereal with a non dairy milk, pretend eggs, pretend meat, pretend cheese, oreos… vegan doesn't always mean healthy
Est Lio A.
I am not a vegan, but if I were, I would eat something with protein like peanut butter or nuts and some fruit. Something with a lot of nutrients to get my day started right.
Ga Tan Z.
Откуда вы знаете что я веган? Ну короче есть куча каш, есть горох, зерновых, можно сделать кучу всего – от котлеток до множества миксов
Vivian V.
Various fruits, scrambled tofu dishes, oatmeal with fruit, smoothies, chia seed dishes, vegan protein shakes, veggie tofu omelets, grits basically anything that doesn’t involve animal products. There’s so many alternative milk products on the market and flax seeds are a great egg replacement so pancakes and waffles can even be vegan
Julie S.
Fruit, fresh. Blended drinks with plant protein. Quinoa, chia seeds, flaxseed. Whole multiple grain bread. Black bean burger.
Joe Y.
Good job friend !
It means that u care yourself !
Im not vegan 😒
But oatmeal in my diet is likely vegan I think that's great
Th Odore T.
Vegans should eat oats with raisins for breakfast since oats have a lot of vitamins and raisins have a nice texture but the raisins are just an extra.
Darliane P.
Any hot cereals, made with water or a non-dairy milk beverage and topped with berries, fruit, or a nut butter. Chia seed puddings and acai bowls with berries or fruit are delicious too. Toast with tomatoes and avocados topped with salt and any favorite spice is a personal favorite.
Sham Harba F.
An awesome breakfast for vegans as i see boiling some broccoli and blending it with some avocado , olive oil , Sweet green peppers and some salt as you like until it becomes a soft green cream and then spreading it on a toast or your favorite kind of bread then eating it ! Yummy !
But make sure that the avocado will be more than the other mentioned vegetables !
Gabrielle Q.
If you need something quick and easy, oatmeal is the way to go. While you are cooking your oats, slice up some fresh fruits to go with it. Once fully heated, we love to add either almond or soy milk, and well as stevia brown sugar. Very filling to keep you going!
Mai X.
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