What is a quick healthy breakfast choice for kids?

Susie F.
Avocado salad and tomato juice. Avocado goes with pretty much anything, so dice it up, toss them with anything from green leaves, sausages, ham, cheese, to even tuna sashimi. Dressing can also be anything. Soy sauce + sesame oil + wasabi is a perfect match for avocado, in case it’s not ripe enough. Tomato juice is said to be good for your skin turnover.
Jeppe C.
A healthy quick breakfast choice for kids could be oatmeal or a bowl of fruit with some yogurt on the side. One of the best ways to make oatmeal more healthy is by using plain oats cooking it with milk or water then adding have a mashed banana in there with 1 table spoon of peanut butter or almond butter. Mix it all up then add the other half of the banana on top, sliced with some nuts or granola. These healthy breakfast choices can apply to not only children but to most everyone.
Debra O.
Usually my sibling and i got for something quick like a banana or like a bagel. Not a lot of kids like fruits and vags so maybe some cereal like honey buncheswould work? It's a bit sweet
Alexandra Y.
Make a batch of steel cut oats on Sunday night for the whole week. Peanut butter on toast. Poach an egg in the microwave in a cup of water for 1 minute. Leftover pancakes from the weekend are great.
Gary J.
Children can be fussy, but it is possible to introduce them to a variety of flavors and textures in at least many cases.

Try hot oatmeal with milk (or a substitute) and cinnamon, another nonGMO crunchy variety with milk and some fruit, or some sort of nonGMO toast as the starch portion. For protein, eggs or lean meat will work, otherwise try vegan substitutes that are at least mostly protein.

The key to making food that appeals to people is the combination of textures and flavors. A good assortment of spices can make a huge difference!

Guillaume Q.
I think a steel cut oatmeal cooked stove top with fresh fruits, like berries, bananas sliced into it with a dash of honey
Vanusa N.
Well, I’m not an expert in this, but I think a good healthy breakfast for kids will be either some cereals or yogurt with fruits.
Gottfried F.
Yoplait sells a yogurt with more protein and less sugar! I like to have that in the morning with some fruit and or granola:)
Jeanette S.
Multigrain granola with nuts and dried fruits, served with yogurt and honey. Not the ones with corn puffs, which is less nutritious.
Jair Q.
A quick, healthy breakfast choice for kids is cereal, or waffles! If you choose a cereal that has health benefits and is low in sugar, that will go a tremendous way for your kid! If you choose waffles, using little syrup and butter and adding yummy fruit on top of it, combined with drinking milk with your meal, will definitely kick start your kids day!
Katrine Z.
Hard boiled eggs, bacon, toast with butter and some fruit is what I typically do when were running late. If you hard boil the eggs the night before the kid can just grab them quickly.
Jill J.
Hi! I think a delicious, healthy and quick breakfast for kids are a peanut butter on a crisp with banana slices. Also sliced fruit bowl or maybe chia overnight pudding, obernight soaked oats with dates and blended in the morning.
Zaqueu Q.
Porridge with a portion of fruit on the side. Or mix through mashed banana, raisins and cinnamon for a nice warming winter breakfast!
Alberte W.
Vegdetables such as carrots, cucumbers, Cauliflower, brocolli, spinach, fruits, beans. Foods that are full of protein – eggs, milk, bananas.
Larry J.
My kids love yogurt with fresh berries. We mix honey yogurt with some plain to make it healthier but still a little sweet
Philip C.
Oatmeal lightly sweetened with maple syrup and cinnamon.
One egg omelette with chopped spinach and cheese on top.
Low sugar yogurt with wholegrain bread and peanut butter.
Jack W.
Maybe try some organic overnight oats? You can let them soak overnight in some unsweetened vanilla almond milk and add some kind of fruit or berries to them in the morning for flavor. Another idea is to buy a carton of liquid egg whites and poor some into a bowl and heat them in the microwave for protein. They’re really quick like that and turn out perfectly if you don’t cook them too long.
Lia E.
I guess bread and half-boiled egg remain as one of the best. Maybe add some beans on some day would be good too. Also, a glass of milk and a glass of plain water ✌🏻✌🏻
Noah E.
Quaker Oats can be cooked in 3 minutes and if you add cinnamon and raisins kids tender to like it much more. Add real maple syrup and milk, cream or almond milk and it’s a true winner.
Nikolaj X.
I would prefer something with an Hand full of nuts, some oats (15 gr) 1 teaspoon honey and add to this some milk. Add one fruit (apple or banana )
Sebastian C.
Basically anything high in protein and other healthy macronutrients, preferably something on the sweeter side however the less sugar the better as sugary foods will lead the to a sugar crash later in the day. A favourite for me as kid was weetbix, Greek yoghurt and diced fruit. It's a delicious healthy meal high in protein and healthy sugars that keeps you sustained for a long time.
Grace Z.
If they can tolerate dairy, Greek yogurt with a low-sugar granola (KIND has some) and berries. If you have older kids, egg-in-a-toast is always a hit. Google it! And have a great breakfast 🙂
Enzo P.
I usually have cereal, but it's not that healthy. I also have oatmeal sometimes, which is better. I have it plain, or with maple syrup (real maple syrup) and blueberries, bananas, or crasins. Another good breakfast is yogurt with fruit.