Any different non-sweet breakfast suggestions?

Jeppe N.
I tend to eat eggs, fruit, and an ounce of cheese in the morning, sometimes with bacon. I love this breakfast and it helps satisfy me and keep me full for the morning
Pauline Y.
What foods do i eat in the morning? I need to stay a wake. I want to feel good and move more fast. What foods do i eat through out the day? How much water do i need to drink each day? How many days do i need to stay clean for myself. So that way i smell good.
Lasc Via N.
I’m a huge fan of savory breakfasts, so I love things like omelettes with spinach and cheese, or a fried egg with avocado toast. I also will make a breakfast casserole or Keish to last me the week filled with eggs, cheese, veggies (spinach, peppers, onions, etc.) and a special protein like sausage or bacon. Overnight oats can be a great option, too especially if you’re on the go; there’s so many ways to customize! Oatmeal with some peanut butter is great, too!
Zenon Q.
I like making breakfast muffins. I cut up bacon and leeks, add to three beaten eggs with some mixed herbs and pour into a cupcake baking tray. Bung them in the oven until the egg is cooked and voila – a filling breakfast that's great cold.
Ezio P.
Eggs are a simple breakfast with plenty of protein and can be combined with so many different things in so so many ways!
Karl Heinrich F.
I love porridge! I've bought porridge packets for on the go, that I can mix with some warm water. But making porridge at home is so easy. The best toppings are frozen fruit and berries to balance out the warm.
Kathleen U.
Take two large eggs crack them open put them in a bowl & stir them with a fork. Add enough turmeric so it lightly covers half the surface of the mixture. Sprinkle enough Cajun or creole seasoning to cover the entire surface.Add 2 tablespoons of salsa. Whip it good. Spray a flat bottom soup mug with vegetable oil. Pour mixture into mug. Put mug into microwave. Set microwave on high. Zap for 2 minutes. Check to ensure its done. If it’s not, re-zap for another minute. Eat.
Ninon T.
Chicken breast and eggs. Mainly if you're also working out. Obviously portion it out. 4th a breast and 2 eggs or something like that.

Oatmeal with your choice of fresh fruit.

Eggs and then almonds or your choice of nuts for "dessert".

Nathan U.
I’ve been eating two hard boiled eggs and a cup of Greek yogurt. It’s quick, high in protein, low in calories, satiating, and keeps my energy level steady until lunch time.
Gloria P.
Eggs. Hard boiled, scrambled with salsa and avocado, veggie omelet/scramble, on whole wheat toast, baked breakfast bites (whatever you want in scrambled egg mix baked in a cupcake pan), breakfast burrito.

You can honestly eat whatever you want for breakfast. Prep mason jars of homemade soup, cook some asparagus and summer squash in avocado oil, prep burrito bowls with rice, beans, chicken and avocado for a protein packed breakfast.

Ronald B.
* Egg Muffins: whisk some eggs with spices, vegetables, and any kind of meat you prefer, top with a little cheese and bake.
* Grilled Chicken: Marinate chicken breast slices and store in a box in refrigerator. Just grill some for breakfast. Can be taken with toast and cheese, or some vegetables, or avocado etc, or on its own.
Karen R.
how about scrambled eggs? I know there are quick recipes you can even make in a mug/microwave. Or a fried egg on toast.
Caroline J.
Try a Tofu scramble and beans cooked with onions, or a kale and spinach omelette (if you eat eggs). Sautee some vegetables- bell pepper, spinach or kale, mushrooms, and onions and spread hummus onto a bagel, then put the veggies on top.
Fabien Y.
Scrambled eggs with veggies and the like works pretty good and is quick/easy. Also, I’ve been doing smoothies with fruit and oats recently and enjoy it a lot.

I think the important thing is that you’re getting something, and not junk, in your system first thing in the morning. 🙂

Flora S.
eggs with greens. Breakfast burrito. Overnight oats with tahini, soy sauce, cayenne. Cut veggies and hummus. Plain yogurt with cucumber and pumpkin seeds.
Mya O.
Oats and sprouts mixed up with diced onions, tomatoes, cucumber and little of salt, red chilli powder and any spice for just taste with lemon.
Andrey X.
Eggs are good and quick to make. If you’re short on time or if cooking anything is a barrier to eating a breakfast, I reaaaally love just an avocado in the morning. It’s creamy and filling, especially with toast. Sprinkle with salt and it’s so good!
Dick J.
I like to get oatmeal with almonds or other nuts, I sometimes also add some fruit. For savory breakfast my go to is scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Sounds weird but beef jerky also works for me in the morning, that's the only form of low fat protein that I can imagine eating first thing in the morning other than eggs. I like to avoid bread and added sugar.
Rosemary F.
Eggs and bacon maybe? Or granola with your favourite milk? Maybe try avocado on toast, or something with a side of tomatoes and mushrooms. Hope this helps
Carole Z.
Oatmeal with frozen strawberries and Unsweetened almond milk. Do not add any sugar. This breakfast is tasty. It's filling, slightly sweet, and has a great mix of flavors.
Sigmar E.
Turkey bacon ,eggs and whole wheat toast are my go-tos for breakfast especially with protein, but Pinterest has so many ideas for breakfast. Some of my favorites are savory quinoa recipes, savory pancake recipes, you can make ahead egg cups baked in muffin tins so you’ll have a quick healthy breakfast for multiple days (yay meal prep life saver) and so many more I’m not thinking of. Cottage cheese is also a good protein. A favorite of mine is cottage cheese with a handful of almonds as a starter.
Anne Z.
I love having scrambled eggs for breakfast, it’s great if you’re into salty foods. Sometimes I’ll use butter and cheese to jazz it up. You could also add bacon.
Selma P.
Avocado toast is a great option. So are eggs. You could even combine the two and have avocado toast and it’s an egg on top.
Ezio N.
Nuts and banana. Turkey wrap with avocado. Sausage and cream cheese with mustard (delicious!). Smoked salmon with diced savory sweet potatoes, spinach and eggs. Sweet potato bowl with eggs, avocado and salsa. Quinoa made like oatmeal with fresh berries. Lunch and dinner meals work well for breakfast, too!
Barb S.
Eggs, bread with milk is always an easy and ideal meal to start the day. But if you like something different make black tea wit milk and sugar(you can use honey insead of sugar). A smoothy is delicious, you can also take some pulpy fruit put it In the blender and add yogurt, add water to decrease concentration. Make and omlet sandwich.
Have Oat meal.
Michelle G.
* Pancakes (1 egg, 3 spoon of flour, 3/4 spoons of milk)
* Chickpea and chestnut flour mixed together and after add some water. Put in a pan and cook it like an omelette. You can add on it honey or jam 😋👌🏻
Mehmet Z.
Yes, a few…
-soft boiled egg
-Green smoothie
-Steel cut oatmeal, flavored at home with cinnamon, added MCT oil
-Ancient grains toast and avocado or hummus and a cup of green tea