Is it okay to eat a muffin in the morning but just one time during the week?

X Nio P.
I would prefer not to as it's something that it not healthy. eat it at some other time of the day but in the morning, have something fresh and skemthing thall keep you energised and active

Gaby S.
Yes. As long as it is relatively low sugar and packed with nutrition I think that is fine. Having a chocolate muffin for breakfast probably isn't a good idea but there is nothing wrong with a banana muffin

Khawren Y.
Yes it’s okay, if it’s something you enjoy so much. You can set a day like, on Fridays I can have a muffin or some kind of sweet breakfast. But just be aware of how it goes, if you notice it’s been a struggle to keep the discipline of just one day a week or if you feel less energized or it’s being a rock in your success journey, than for your own good just choose other times and ways to treat yourself a muffin.
It’s a matter or respecting your own boundaries.

Anne Katrin U.
It depends on the person and relies on whether you eat anything else alongside as it alone would not provide the nutrients you need to power you through the day.