What is your favorite healthy breakfast that gives you sustained energy and keeps you feeling full until lunch?

Jenna G.
Oatmeal or Greek yogurt topped with stone fruit and berries, and a mix of nuts and seeds; fried egg sandwich on English muffin with side of fruit; an apple with a handful of almonds for something easy. All paired with green tea or small cup of pomegranate juice.
Kevin C.
I love to make egg toast — toast the bread in a pan with some olive oil, and either poach an egg on top or punch a hole in the bread and crack the egg in it. Dress it up with some pepper, and avocado if you have it! Just make sure you’re using nutritious bread, and it’s a healthy, easy breakfast.
Mitali Q.
Bread cheese and banana. Or eggs, avocado on bread. Or indian poha with egg. Mix of carbohydrate and protein and something tasty like fruit
Nessie S.
I found that what works best for me is to eat scrambled eggs on toast. It's full of protein, I feel full enough after eating. Unfortunately, I rarely have the time to eat scrambled eggs before going to work. I usually go with a banana or a cereal bar (without added sugar or fat) instead.
Clara C.
Oatmeal! Warm oats on a cold day is perfect and there are so many flavours to experiment with. This morning I had lemon and blackberry and it was delightful!
Ernest P.
I like to make some scrambled eggs, usually one or two whole eggs and at least two egg whites. A slice of toast with a bit of jam gives a bit of carbs to provide me a "full feeling" but the eggs keep me going until lunch.
Samruddhi O.
Ah well! When I am home it is mostly muesli, mixed nuts and a cup of coffee. When I stay alone then I shift to a boiled egg, oats and coffee
Michael S.
I cut a hole out of a piece of good bread and place in a medium heat pan. Next I crack and egg into the bread hole and stick the bread plug back on top. Once the egg starts to cook I flip the bread and finish cooking the egg.