Any good freezer prep breakfast recipes?

Jeremiah E.
recomiendo realizar bolsitas congeladas de espinacas y al desayunar solo sacas y pones con un huevito.
recomiendo ver el canal de you tube de Paulina Cocina, tiene buenas recetas en su seccion de 1000prep
Od Lia P.
I found all sorts of freezer prep breakfast recipes on the Tasty app. Just search freezer and you'll get all sorts of options
Felix Y.
Baked oatmeal in muffin tins. Freeze in muffin shape, take out two pucks to reheat for breakfast.
Also check out Budget Bytes for other ideas. She has some scramble and French toast mug ideas that are awesome.
Diana P.
Smoothie prep is an option. Just chop all ingredients for 1 smoothie into a bag, freeze it, and in the morning blend it with water or milk. You can prep however many bags you like and store them in the freezer.
Maelya C.
I would recommend breakfast burritos. Cook up the egg and bacon sprinkle cheese on the tortilla, wrap it up or put in a Tupperware and freeze it. There's recipes on Tasty that are really good.
Malthe Z.
Oat, turmeric powder, milk/coconut milk, bananas, boosters such as chia seeds or whatever superfood you like
All in a mason jar, refrigerated overnight
Florence O.
Well I don’t usually meal prep for breakfast but… if you like smoothies for on the go maybe throw a few bananas And strawberries in the freezer and make a nutritious smoothie
Anton X.
During winter it has been difficult to think in any freezer preparation because of low temperature but probably during summer days I will grab some blueberries, banana, pineapple and strawberries in the blender with some oak flakes mixed with natural yoghurt
Matthew J.
Make some homemade biscuits and gravy on the weekend, it's a good hearty meal with loads of energy to start your day, and should reheat easily enough on the weekend.
Alfred A.
Choose fruits of your choice put them in the freezing bags for the min amount of 5 you will always have then ready for a milkshake
Mabel Z.
If you look on Pinterest they have a lot of recipes for breakfast. You can even create a board adding recipes. I’ve tried many of their dishes and they never fail.
Ethan F.
I Ike smoothies in the morning sometimes. Not much prep possible there I guess. Maybe overnight oats as sometime would be good. Or making a bunch of burritos and freezing em.
Marli Z.
no , Cook it every day
if you don’t have enough time
Yes by machine and cook easy food instead / boiled egg / vegetable / eat sugar less / more drink water
Alison E.
actually I don't like to freeze the food. If I'm really thight on time I mix protein shake and grab a few rice cakes, bananas etc.
Hector Y.
I won’t recommend freezer but make ahead is awesome. Eggs cupcakes. Just spinach, and other natural ingredients break the eggs on a bowl and put some on the cupcakes molds like 1/2 way then add the veggies that you choose put in the oven 345 f for 20 min or until done
William E.
Freeze some bananas with any other ingredients for your smoothie (except for water/milk). When you're getting ready, dump the mix into the blender with some water/milk and you are good to go!
Franco Q.
No. Fresh foods are best. Although frozen fruits would be good as they retain their vitamins when frozen and last longer, thereby saving money
Gertrude A.

I've made these. Easy. Cheap. Filling.

I replaced some things to make it healthier – fiber rich wrap vs tortilla. Lean meat, eggs, light cheese and hot sauce

Chlo T.
Honestly, I am very picky about breakfast. It needs to be fresh, like eggs and fruit. I cant do things like oatmeal and cereal.
Emmi J.
Oatmeal, fruits and or veggies smoothies. Mix your ingredients in a ziploc bag and take it to the freezer. In the mornings, just add water, yogurt or milk to the content of your bag and you are good to go.
Nora Y.
I like to make breakfast bowls like the ones you buy. Try to limit veggies to things that freeze well like onions. I normally do potatoe, egg, cheese, and either turkey sausage or turkey bacon. Make sure you measure stuff according to your intake or carbs, protein, etc. I keep it simple. And if I want veggies I normally keep cut up bell peppers or spinach and add it to the top when I microwave it, for freshness.
Rachel Z.
The freezer recipes that I have tried haven’t worked very well, but I do prep breakfasts & have them ready in my fridge!!! My favs are egg mugs, fridge oats, turkey rolls, & cottage cheese/fruit/nut bowls. Thanks for asking!
Vic Ncio T.
No. I don't have any freezer prep breakfast ideas. I find that typical breakfast foods aside from bread based ones like pancakes and waffles freeze poorly. The end up with weird textures or flavors when thawed and reheated.
Tania E.
Ooo.. this is a tough one!! I’d recommend going on pinterest, you can find so many good recipes for smoothies and such, but for actual prep i would buy a weeks worth of food! As soon as you buy it, chop it up and stick the portions in a baggie and freeze it! Every day (well, every meal) should be one bag! Not only can you freeze the fruit, etc, you can freeze veggies as well!! adding kale or any type of protein packed food is great! If you're not that big a fan, don’t worry, you really can’t taste it that much.
Querubim F.
Pancakes! You can make up a batch and freeze them. Then just take out however many you want and pop in the toaster. They reheat like fresh. Add nuts to the batter and/or spread peanut butter on top for protein.

You can also make your own "frittatas " with all sorts of healthy ingredients (great recipes found online), and freeze them. Reheat in microwave for quick on-the-go meal.

Nathan C.
Frozen fruit for smoothies is a great freezer prep breakfast. Super quick and easy and tasty! For meals in the fridge you could do an overnight oatmeal which usually consist of soaking it in milk and fruit overnight. Super easy and tasty and you can find recipes all over the internet!