What is the most nutritious breakfast you can make and consume in less than 10 minutes that does not require cooking?

Zoran J.
Fruit bowl. It’s so easy to make and you can meal prep by cutting fruit for the whole week and storing in fridge.

Oats are also fairly easy and nutritious. Just microwave for a minute or so 😜

Hans Albert S.
Multigrain sandwich with lettuce, tuna mayonnaise, cheese, tomato + Yoghurt topped with chia seeds and berries/fruits + Water and/or green tea.
Joshua J.
Eggs, that have been hardboiled the night before. A smoothie consisting of low-fat quark, frozen fruits, almond milk and rolled oats. An energy bar and a handful of mixed nuts.
Babett Q.
Oatmeal with warm milk and fruits. Add honey if you want to.
Franklin Y.
Banana, apple, berries, almonds, walnut, date and quick oats.
Irene J.
Trail mix — dried fruit, nuts, etc. You can make a large batch that contains what you like, and then just scoop up a portion in the mornings.
Lidwina W.
I like peanut butter on Dave's bread, a greek yogurt, and coconut milk coffee/latte. I often pre make a big batch of hardboiled eggs.
Lohan F.
Some greek yogurt with frozen berries, mango and avocado with a little low fat milk blended into a smoothie does wonders and tastes great!
Zenon Y.
A wheat bread peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a banana or Apple, perhaps some grapes. A cup of orange juice, apple juice, or water. Have a hand full of peanuts or a nutrigrane bar.
Lawrence C.
If you love your sleep like I do, a fruit and a protein bar/breakfast bar is a quick and healthy breakfast. The best thing about it is the mobility to take your breakfast on the go. Another simple breakfast would be yogurt and granola chunks. Simply pour an amount of granola in your yogurt and done. Last but not least, the classic of cereal with cut up fruit.
Ronald T.
I make overnight oats for the week on Sunday afternoon. Then just microwave it with a splash of almond milk. It's pretty healthy, low sugar and I can eat it quickly before heading out the door.
Severin A.
I have 3 different meals I choose from everyday to make eating in the morning less stressful and they all require cooking BUT if I was feeling extra lazy and needed to eat something quick I'd choose to have a bowl of fruit, with two peices of buttered bread and a protein drink. That way I'm getting carbs, nutrients and energy for the morning.
Prisca Z.
Fruit and yoghurt salads take like no time and are healthy and taste good.
Susan E.
I always make fridge oatmeal out of Fortified oats, added protein, chia and probiotic yogurt and almond milk plus fresh fruit. I make it for the week and grab one each day when I first get up. It keeps me full and satisfied so I can easily get on with the tasks of the day which is often exercise.
Judith O.
Make a shake out of coconut water, kefir, yogurt, pepitas, sun flower seeds, chia seeds banana, frozen blueberries, raw cocoa powder and maca powder
Ma Lyne E.
I would say a smootgie with a slice of wholewheat bread and some cheede or avocados… also some porridge or muesli is quick and easy
Romy E.
Muslie with milk and one tbsp honey and one big 🍎
K Te Z.
For me it is creusli with some "kwark" (kind of thick yoghurt.
It is easy to make and tasteful. Especially since there are different flavours of both.
Victoire S.
Food is two of my favorite things! I start every week day with yogurt and fresh fruit. (Kiwi, banana, strawberries, pineapple and blueberries are my usual choices.) Some days I will also have granola or breakfast bars. That is enough and it keeps me going.
I've gotten to the place that I have to have yogurt for every breakfast. I allow myself a traditional breakfast on the weekends; egg, a meat, wheat bread or English muffins, fruit spread.
Wally Y.
Raw green veggies, such as spinich, kale and romane and a fruit. They provide lots of nutrition, vitamins and fiber and start the day with sugar that will keep you sustained for hours.
Ava U.
A fruit smoothie with nuts or nut butter and a protein powder. Banana, applesauce or pearsauce make a great base. Add berries or mango with some juice and omega3 oil. Blend and drink or take with you!
Adam Z.
Overnight oats. There are a large variety of recipes online to choose from. Mix the ingredients, throw them in a jar, put them in the fridge over night and boom. There’s breakfast for tomorrow morning. Some I’ve made are filling enough I can only eat half and so I eat the other half for lunch.
Patrick F.
I make my own nutribullet recipe. Consist of half 2 handful spinach or kale, 1 tablespoon of nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.), 1 tablespoon of chia seeds or flaxseeds, then 1 cup of fruits, then almond milk or coconut milk. With fruits I use banana, apple, but most of the time mix berries because of its antioxidant properties.
Lukas Q.
A handful of walnuts and a few sun-dried figs. The walnuts provide you with the protein that helps in keeping you less hungry throughout the day and the figs provide you with a lot of fiber that slows down the absorption of the sugar in them which gives you a long-lasting energy boost without a crash.
Wesley S.
An apple or a banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter is a great easy breakfast that doesn't require any cooking. You can also have mixed nuts, a bowl of strawberries and cream, or other fruits with a protein.

Even better is if you can spend 30 minutes to cook egg muffin frittatas on a weekend or your day off! You can make them in large batches and keep them in the fridge or freezer so you can grab and go when you need them.

Matteo Z.
A serving of fruit,a cup of spy milk (add some natural cocoa for flavour if you wish), and a protein biscuit/bar/ball to curb the hunger.
Arthur Q.
Firstly, the most nutritious breakfast is the most balanced breakfast.

To create that special blend of food, we must have these :

1. Vegetables, barely cooked- the most important thing to start a day with.
2. Protein, cooked well- they can be anything from milk, eggs, unprocessed meat or fish.
3. Nuts and /or beans, cooked enough.
4. Yougurt, plain, simple and flavorless as the day's supply of probiotics- good bacteria for the stomach.
5. Fruits, of your choice. A mix can do more magic.
6. Plain water, one or two glasses.
7. Uplifting beverages, nothing but a cup of sugarless green tea.
8. Try to add a little supply of raw, green spices, vegetables and herbs like a fresh piece of lime, a little raw clove of garlic, that much raw ginger, a little chilli, presley, lettuce, carrots etc. Drops of honey will make it more edible.
9. Do you love bread? Try whole wheat, whole grain ones.

Now, how come you are going to prep this 'simple' breakfast and eat it all in ten minutes or so?

It's tough at first to adapt ourselves to the appropriate preparation at first, but keep it in mind that we need the most nutritious breakfast.

And we can do it this way :

Prepare two different dishes for days with vegetables, nuts, beans and meat.

You're gonna eat interchangeably, every other day.

Prepare two more herby, spiced, veggie salad for weekdays.

Buy fresh fruits for the week.

Eating these awesome foods :

Microwave your nutty, beany, meaty neat vegetables for 1 minute or more with that whole grain bread while you're picking up the fruits for morn.

Get the dish out of the oven and mix your herby salad with drips of honey, lime squeeze and a tablespoon of yogurt.

Grab a glass of milk or prepare an omelet, or get your green tea to make it different from every day.

Malo T.
one that I prep the day before. an over hard cooked egg with roasted veggies. or fresh veggies I've pretty chopped and eat with hard boiled eggs.
Marlene Z.
Fruits such as peppers, mangoes, berries, and yogurt with a slice of sourdough bread with honey on it.
Zeljko Y.
Yogurt, (plain or with fruit mixed in), you can add sliced bananas, berries (or whatever type of fruit you prefer), with wheat germ &/ or nuts like walnuts, pecans chopped & a dollop of honey or maple syrup.
N Ria C.
Smoothie – in the blender pour in some yoghurt or almond milk, chuck in a banana and some strawberries and blueberries and spoon of oats and chia, blitz, pour and drink. Done.
Soila E.
A peanut butter and banana sandwich with a little honey drizzled on top is pretty quick to make and yummy. Or yogurt with granola and cut up fruit. You can cut up the fruit ahead of time.
Irmengard F.
It’s sort of cheating, but I crack an egg into a bowl, salt and pepper and a little hot sauce. Microwave for 30 secs, add some shredded cheese and then microwave for another 15 secs. Eat with a spoon.
Celino Z.
A smoothie… 2 handfuls of greens ( spinach, chard, arugula1 medium cored apple and 1-2 cups of frozen fruit 1 cup of water and blend!
Susan E.
It's kind of cheating your question, but I think the healthiest option is to cook your breakfast in advance, eg the night before. You can make a much more complete meal that is faster to eat, and easier for the body to digest. Something like https://www.spendwithpennies.com/veggie-egg-muffins/ could be good. Leftovers from dinner is another easy option.
Adam W.
Maybe a protein bar? Or you can buy boiled eggs at the supermarket the night before and just had ham!
Riley F.
Either mix in a blender oats, half banana, an apple and some peanuts (with maple syrup of you want), and a splash of milk. Or instead of blending with milk, you can take those ingredients and mix them with a cup of plain yogurt and some honey
Adrien Y.
Whole rolled oats with non dairy milk or water, a piece of fruit (apple, banana, berries) and seeds (chia, flax, hemp)
Judy N.
Organic apple slices with organic pumpkin seed butter! Quick smoothie (fresh fruit, OJ, hemp seeds, hemp milk and flax oil!) on the side!!!
Lise Z.
It's not breaking the fast for me without an egg… No protein and I fade fast
Minna O.
One scoop Mediclear SGS, one scoop Green Vibrance, 1 scoop inulin, chia seeds, walnuts, avacado, banana, alovera juice, strawberry, blue berries and almond milk
Mathys S.
Since we are talking about raw ingredients, cheese, avocado and tomatoes would be fast and no cooking needed. Alternatively there is zacusca. Weird delish veggie stew deposited in jars for year long conservation, usually received from parents which you can spread on toast
Mary U.
I grab a banana or a pot of oats that just needs hot water added to it!
Jessica E.
I usually make a smoothie and it keeps me plenty filled up. Add a cup or so of frozen fruits and/or veggies to a milk or juice of your choice about 1 to 2 cups depending on how much you want. Get creative and add nut butters, protein powders, flax or other seeds and honey, agave or maple syrup for sweeteners. Alternatively you can spread some nut butter on fruit or toast. Or a quick cereal hits the spot. The goal is to start with a good protien over sugar to prevent crashing.
Anja R.
If you like salty breakfast but lack time to cook here is an idea you could appreciate: cut an avocado in two. In the hole left by the pit put 0% fat cream cheese, sprinkle with chia seeds and top with a smoked salmon slice. Enjoy !
Chlo N.
A mixture of berries and fruits, cut and combined with a large pot of Greek yogurt
Lance T.
My go-to is yogurt with berries and granola, especially in the summer. In winter, toast with peanut butter (or bread, if toasting counts as cooking), with a banana if one is handy, and maybe some pecans or sunflower seeds.
M Lody C.
I switch between and apple with peanut or almond butter, or Greek yogurt with almonds on top.
Marcus Z.
Smoothies! I prep a cup of different fruits and vegetables the night before. Then in the morning, I juice the vegetables, and then blend it with the fruit for a quick, nutritious breakfast.
Aaron F.
A couple of spoon full of granola, a big banana and an apple or kiwi
Yolanda N.
Granola made with a mixture of oats, nuts, and dried fruit is a great breakfast either by itself or with milk. Sprinkle chia or flax seeds over the top for more of a nutritional boost.
Pearl F.
The most nutritious fast meal I have made over the last week is overnight oats. It consists of rolled oats, oat milk, berries, yoghurt, peanut butter with a hint of maple syrup and a sprinkle of salt
Leah Z.
I like to add 2 tbsp of peanutbutter to a bowl, melt it for 12 seconds, stir, and add either cut up banana or a whipped yogurt (sometimes all 3!). It's delicious and filling!
Lila W.
I start with 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries, then top that with 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt, 1/2 honey crisp apple, almond slivers, a drizzle of real maple syrup, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg. It doesn't take long to make, and it's a refreshing start to the morning.
Martin A.
A smoothie with oats yogurt banana blueberries peanut butter almond milk chia seeds hemp seeds & nuts
Taliana I.
I think you'll have difficulty finding many healthy things without cooking, but I have a few. 1: Fruit. Raw, mixed or blended into a smoothie. Smoothies are great because they can travel with you (add veggies to a smoothie to boost the healthiness and flax seed for extra fiber) 2: Low sugar/high protein greek yogurt parfait with fruit and a little bit of granola and chia seeds. 3: oatmeal. There are so many different brands and flavors, or you can buy your own quick-oats and add whatever ingredients you want. Try to stay away from lots of sugar. One of my go-to breakfasts requires a tiny bit of cooking, but it's quick and easy: a slice of Aunt Millies oatmeal bread (a brand, not a real aunt lol), toasted and topped with a smear of avocado and two scrambled eggs. Healthy, filling, quick and easy
Wade O.
A slice of wheat or whole grain bread, Spread with peanut butter and topped with sliced bananas.
Mabel J.
A smoothie with milk or yoghurt or avo some strawberries, a banana, kale/spinach and chia seeds.
Alcino N.
An apple and a spoonful of your favorite nut butter is a pretty easy, cook-free, breakfast. There are some other similar combos. Such as a banana instead of an apple. Maybe try meal prepping? You cook everything on one day instead of worrying every morning what you’re going to eat.
R Damas O.
apples are quick to grab and can even be eaten on the go. muesli or cereals with soy yogourt is fast and versatile if you have various toppings on hand
Emanuela A.
Omelette or boiled eggs with toasts and milk. Another great combination is banana milkshake and cereals. Toasts with chicken spead is also quite tasty and easy to make.
Martin Z.
Smoothies! They do not take much time, fresh and nutritious, and can make warm or cold. Many different variations and easy to add supplements. Great way to get in fiber, fruits, and vegetables to start the day right. Filling enough you won't be hungry until lunch. Plus easy to digest.
Luke W.
I go for muesli every morning. I may have it with milk or yoghurt and I add fruits according to how much time I have.
Doris S.
I personally find that a banana or an apple and some peanut butter to be a really quick breakfast. If I'm in a major rush I will grab a cup of yogurt or a granola bar.
Ritthy P.
I eat yogurt with oat flakes and fruit. I like to let the oats sit a little, so that they are softer and add some spices, usually cinnamon. You can also let it sit overnight in the fridge.
Asta F.
Bran, some high protein yoghurt (dairy free = even better) and some slow-burning sugar such as sliced banana or apple.
Hermit Rio B.
Banana milkshake with almonds in it and no sugar. You can add more fruits if needed.
Perry Y.
A great solution is to make a healthy smoothie in a blender. I always add a leaf of kale, protien powder, and milk as my base, but it can be really fun to miss and match fruits or peanut butter or fresh ovocado to make something delicious (don't worry, you can't taste the kale at all 🙂
Edith C.
I go for a breakfast that packs all the nutrition that i will need for the morning and for my general well being. Will put whole blueberries or strawberries, pomegranate seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and roasted oats in a high fibre bran cereal with semi-skimmed organic milk.
Fatma U.
Overnight Oats. I put almond milk, yoghurt, some chopped nuts, pumpkin & chia seeds, apple cinnamon & honey in mine. Takes a few minutes to make before going to bed. A great breakfast after a workout & keeps me full till lunch.
Erwan P.
My sister is a nutritionist and she says you want 3 things at breakfast- fat, fiber and protein. I like belvita brand breakfast crackers for fiber, and some full fat Greek yogurt for fat and protein. If you can premake things like hard boiled eggs, I would recommend doing a dozen of them and eating one at breakfast, with an apple and peanut butter. High fiber cereals is good too. overnight oats can be made cold without cooking, and you can add chia seeds or peanut butter for protein and fat. Another good fat option is avacados too. I don't see anything wrong with having a turkey and avacado sandwich for breakfast either.
Karl Hans U.
I do two things. I either make something the night before, like overnight oats. (There are tons of recipes out there.) Or I throw whatever sounds good in my blender and have a smoothie bowl. There's also a lot of great recipes out there for those also! If you need some variety, popping some bread in the toaster and having it with jam, or peanut butter, and a quick banana on the side is also great!
Saban X.
Oatmeal with heated berries and a bit of honey, a yogurt cup, big glass of water, and a bagel with peanut butter.
Alcinda N.
Depends what you consider “nutritious” for me I struggle to eat enough throughout the day and getting in a good breakfast can be tough. When I’m on the go I’ll eat 1/2-1 cup of oats with 1-2 servings of chocolate whey protein mixed in. Add water, mix and microwave for a minute and you have a protein packed breakfast with carbs to keep you going. Great pre workout meal as well.
Rosa W.
A slice of whole-wheat toast natural peanut butter and a banana. This covers off the salty, the sweet and has protein and fibre all good for the feelings of fullness.
Flavie Y.
Tea or coffee, bread, butter, jam, honey and cheese with walnut.
Nellie G.
I can make a yogurt parfait with greek yogurt and add granola, berries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries & add some honey. I could also eat a mix of nuts with raisins, because they are high in protein.