What should one eat or drink as the first thing in the morning, in order to maximize mood, health, and inclination to remain productive?

Frederikke W.
to be quite honest, I thought drinking water was such a stupid little thing, but it has kind of made me, I don't know how to express it, feel better? it's like, if I feel I haven't done anything, I can remind myself I did that, and that helps me feel a little better. or when I'm drinking water while I'm prepping my breakfast, I just get this little smile that's followed by a little giggle because I realize I'm doing this thing I once thought was so little and so stupid. by the way, I change it up sometimes and start with a detox water (hot water, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, cinnamon and sometimes honey) or lemon juice + some lemon in the water
Nolan Z.
Whole grain bread sanwich with Salmon, Egg, and Spinach together with a glass of water. Raspberries for desert.
Hunter Q.
Water, that's what your body and spine needs most. Don't add sugar or any "healthy" additives. Drink 24 ounces and immediately and let your body know you are in a place with abundant water
Diedrich S.
A cup of water helps stimulate your body first thing in the morning. After that a breakfast of whole fruit (not a smoothie) and protein (slice of meat or peanut butter).
Evandro W.
Drink: A glass of chilled water! Perhaps even put some lemon slices, cucumber and mint in it to give you an extra boost of happiness =)
Breakfast on a work day: I tended not to eat breakfast at all, because I felt in a hurry to get out of the house. Now I prepare my cold oats at the beginning of the week. Oats, water, yoghurt, banana's and blue berries. Mix and put in the fridge. Ready to take out and eat on the bus the next morning! It is great to have a healthy breakfast without even needing to think about it!
Weekend breakfast: I love treating myself to a nice brunch in the weekend. An avocado toast with a sunny egg. Or perhaps dark bread, cream cheese, salmon and tomato…. Mmmm delicious!
Afre E.
Drinking water when you first wake up will make your day better overall. It gets your metabolism started and you are rehydrating yourself first thing.
Marjorie U.
I think water is the best thing. You just feel better. You get dehydrated over night and getting some moisture back in your body helps everything feel better.
Gustav A.
The thing that works best for me is to drink water first thing in the morning. I put off breakfast for a couple of hours as it makes me less energized if I eat right away. Also making my bed and walking around outside checking on my plants for a few minutes gets my blood going. I dont even need coffee to 'wake up' after doing these 3 things. Just takes a few minutes and my day is already off to a good start.
Milica U.
A large glass of water followed by a good breakfast of protein, fruit and a small carb
Chad W.
A glass of water is best to start your day with, so as to hydrate yourself after a long night's sleep without any liquid intake, jumpstart your metabolism and prepare your body for breakfast and beginning your day.
David P.
I mix it up. I fast two days a week, so eat nothing until the evening. Some days I don't eat until midday, so again nothing.

On other days I have porridge. Sometimes nuts and banana. Sometimes egg.

My productivity and energy is not noticeably different on those days I eat, or don't.

Carter W.
Eat low sugar, complex grains and high protein. Like fruits, oatmeal (regular), whole grain cereal or bread, low fat regular yogurt, eggs, nuts, but butter, smoked salmon.
Jo T.
I've been eating a frozen breakfast biscuit because it is simple and fast to make, it is warm and comfortable, and it is low sugar and includes egg, sausage, and cheese which are great sources of protein. They have 12g of protein and only 4g of sugar. I also drink coffee because that is already a part of my morning ritual that I enjoy. The biscuit keeps me from crashing.
Victoria U.
Water. It is great for hydration, which wakes you up. It inspires me to make healthy breakfast choices.
Amelia P.
I recommend drinking water. I often add to mine lemon or grapefruit essential oils. I prefer to do my exercise before breakfast, however if I have a meeting booked in for the morning I'll eat some fruit like a banana, or a good quality muesli cereal topped with blueberries.
Joshua Z.
Water, our bodies need water more than anything else to function at its best. In order to think, to move, our organs and brain especially need water to hydrate.
Eden F.
I find having at least 32oz of water from the time I wake up until the time I leave for work in the morning helps me feel and work better.
Tobias Z.
Drink a big glass of cold water, this will wake you up as well as rehydrate you from sleeping. Eat a healthy breakfast such as oatmeal and mix some fruit in here for a slow digesting food that will keep you fuller for longer
Tyrone F.
Some water, warmer than colder with a little lemon if you’ve got it. Drink as much as you can as the first thing you do after waking up—even before brushing your teeth.
Kim E.
I like eggs and bacon with toast and sliced salted tomatoes (lightly warmed in the pan).
Charles Q.
First you should drink water after a period of time (30 minutes) you should eat a healthy breakefast for an axample a smoothie which is easy to make and full of vitamins, or an otemeal with a few raspberrys or other fruits.
Kelly E.
Eggs are fabulous in the morning! They’re filling and nutritious. To drink, milk or water would be best. Milk, since it helps your bones, and water, because it’s both excellent for you and may help you get into the mindset of working out.
Ben Y.
A glass of water is the best. For me, I generally sleep late so waking up early is the hardest part of my day. Drinking a glass of water helps me to wake up and gives me more energy. I hope this answer helps.
Leonie E.
Add a pinch of seasalt or Himalayan salt to your morning water as well as some lemon juice to replenish the minerals you lost overnight.
Julia T.
Bulletproof coffee

Go ahead and Google it and you’ll get the long answer 🙂

With a little bit of caffeine, and MCT oil you’ll be sustained throughout the day.

Clifton E.
As far as drinking, all you need is water. There is no other drink, including the gatorade drinks, that is better. The cells, tissues and organs that make up your body depend on water and absolutely cannot function without it. Water keeps your skin clear and young, and your hair and nails strong. It also keeps your joints lubricated, stopping any painful griding you may experiemce when moving. Water, water and more water throughout the day is one of the best things you can do for yourself.
As far as eating, you have a wide variety of options. Look for protein and fiber for breakfast, such as eggs and fruit, or veggies. I like 2 scrambled eggs mixed with spinach, sun dried tomatoes and italian seasonings (basil and oregano…), with a side of strawberries or blackberries. Another go-to for me is a slice of toasted Aunt Millies oatmeal bread (from any grocery store) with smashed avocado smeared across it topped with scrambled eggs, and a side of fruit. If you need a meal that goes with you, I recommend smoothies. Start with a green base, like spinach, and add any complementary fruits, a bit or water, yogurt or milk, and chia or flax seeds.
Norman E.
First of all 1 glass of room temperature water, and then a breakfast full of nutritions and a calcium.
Courtney F.
A healthy breakfast that has whole grains, protein, and fruits or veggies
Alamiro Y.
A decent size glass of water first thing definitely feels good. Then the best thing for me for breakfast seems to be eggs.
Juan S.
I generally try and reduce the amount if sugar and aim for slow-release carbs or proteins. However, for me it has to be food I actually like or I will not enjoy the breakfast and my mood is definitely not going to be enhanced by it. I have discpvered that varying the food also helps me enjoy it more. I have a few go-to breakfasts, one is overnight oats on which I vary the toppings among ones I like such as honey, frozen or fresh berries, almond butter, cinnamon, cocoa powder, chia seeds… When I have more time in the morning I like to have toast or oatcakes (chose wholemeal if you like) with one of either cheese, ham, eggs, home made jam…
Brett E.
Well. When I was a competitive swimmer I would have banana on toast first this at 4am before training at 5am because I needed energy however most mornings I would just wake up and go to burn off calories from the night before but after my morning workout I would eat museli and Greek yogurt with tea on the way to school and for the rest of the day I felt energised and happy.
William N.
Protein and slow sugars with a good fibre content. Wholemeal toast with eggs and veggies or, a quicker option, a protein shake
Delfino Q.
Definitely drink water ideally warm with lemon, food wise something protein and fat rich, eggs, avocado, salmon. Personally I have a shake with mix of fruits 2-3 of them, protein powder, spoon of peanut butter and oats topped up with water.
L Onie O.
First I would recommend to drink water. You get dehydrated during sleep and need it when you wake to rehydrate your body. Second I would recommend an assortment of fruit and some form of protein. Also some orange juice or milk wouldn’t hurt. Hope this answer helps.
Lois J.
Oatmeal, prepped in a batch and refrigerated. Mix in nuts fruits spices, a side of kefir. Give a rather neutral meal some variety daily.
Guy J.
Fresh foods, like eggs and veggies, or oatmeal with fresh fruit and nuts. Try it without sugar, a piece of fruit in every bite, it's delicious! Avoid processed foods, just buy the raw materials and mix them in the proportion you like. Even if you add your own sugar, you probably will add less than what comes pre-packaged.
Brent Y.
I often have eggs & either bacon or tomatoes. Tomorrow I’m having granola with skim milk and a piece of fruit.
Ruth P.
A large glass of water and then breakfast which is usually scrambled eggs
Russel Q.
I mix 1teaspoin of barley grass with a shot of pure aloe Vera juice in the morning, I will say it tastes disgusting but it helps you absorb vitamins from food better
Vladimir F.
A glass of water, a cup of green tea (preferably hot), and an apple usually help me start my day before I move to heavier and protein filled breakfast. The water soothes my throat. The green tea refreshes me and wakes me up a bit more. The apple is a nice buffer and appetiser before my real meal. Both the green tea and apple help me control how much I eat at breakfast.
Armando S.
Tea. An herbal tea or green tea. My perfect breakfast is course oatmeal with fruit. I like blueberries, cranberries, apples, raisins or chopped dried plums. It isn't a FAST breakfadt to prep but I feel better after eating it. Most mornings, it's Special K Red Berries with almond milk.
Charlie E.
Definitely water, which also helps digestion and hydrates the body after the period of sleep
Dorian Y.
People should drink water as it is refreshing and not full of added colours flavourings whixh are unhealthy. Then the first thing some one could eat could be a bowl of porridge (as it would be a slow acting carb) with a bananna which is a source of protein and contains sugars to give someone a kick of wnergy to start their day
Heike X.
I personally favor porridge. I cook it from scratch (ie not microwave fast oats) after soaking overnight with a few nuts and pumpkin seeds. I eat it with a little fresh fruit and some yogurt. It’s quick to cook in the morning and if you soak it overnight the pot cleans easily after cooking.
Duarte Q.
A cold glass of water and a healthy breakfast if in a hurry maybe an apple or a banana
Hadrien Z.
Drink water. Eat a small breakfast, perhaps a handful of almonds and some cheese.
Walter G.
Ok so I do struggle with this too because Im quite picky about food in the morning. After my water in the morning, I usually have a glass of orange or tropical juice. When I have time, I make eggs – usually scrambled, with spinach and some bread. However, when Im in a rush I have a problem to find something quick. So i usually end up putting avocado or cream cheese on oatcakes. I have to say though, that it is one of the things I do struggle the most in the morning. And more often than I like to admit, I end up going for the wrong food.
Nora G.
I always drink a full glass of water when I wake up. I have a pitcher ready on my bedside table.
Emily Z.
I usually eat a breakfast full of fruits or grains. Some examples are eggs and toast, oatmeal with fruit, yogurt and fruit.
Abdul X.
I like to eat 2 T. of nut butter (peanut, candles, almond) because it's easy to come by and fast. It seems to satiate my hunger better than eggs, cereal, etc. I find if something is easier to prepare, especially when I didn't sleep well the night before and I'm
Marsha U.
Water is best. It's light on the mood, easily drinkable right after waking up. Other heavy drinks such as shakes should be avoided as a first drink. But shakes are a good energy booster if taken after say 30 minutes to an hour after waking.
Nicklas P.
I have oatmeal pancakes with fruit and nuts or mini vegetable frittata on mountain bread and a quarter of an avocado. I have a glass of water with a tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar first thing and two cups of peppermint tea with my breakfast. I have found that this keeps me going until morning tea. My mood is good most of the time and my resilience is good.
Francoise X.
I am not sure for the meal, but coffee plus coconut oil is highly effective to make your day feels different.
Hugh Y.
I drink water that I keep by my bed as soon as I sit up in bed. It helps wake me up and hydrate me. I don't feel that need for coffee if I drink cool water first. Also, I eat a high protein breakfast. I like to heat up a lentil soup I like and cook some sausage to mix in. It great to get my day started in the cooler months.
Salom O O.
I think that it's important to make sure that your trying to incorporate as much as you can into your first meal. A protein to keep you feeling full, fruit to give you some quick energy and a complex carbohydrate like oatmeal to give you energy throughout the day.
No Lie S.
Lots of water to rehydrate after sleep and protein with a low glycemic fruit.
Ir Sia F.
I find that drinking water is the best. It just makes you come alive sometimes I have it with a little lemon but plain water is just fine. About half a litre does it for me. I hope this helps.
V Lson A.
I think the drink should start off with something like water, coffee or tea. Water for natural hydration. Coffee or tea for a hot/cold kickstart for the day. As far as food, maybe a protein like a couple eggs with some pieces of fruit to keep it light. Otherwise for something quick some fruit and a natural protein bar.
Thea Z.
Water, then a healthy breakfast that has lots of fruits, vegetables, and proteins such as eggs, meat, and beans. Good luck!
Christoffer P.
We are dehydrated after a long night's sleep. Thus, to replenish our reserves, we should drink water. Also, a protien filled breakfast is a must, which should be low in carbs. Happy habbit making!
Dick W.
Breakfast that contains protein, healthy fat, and low/moderate amount of carbs. I tend to eat avocado on whole grain toast and one egg as a quick go to. Or a smoothie with protein powder and either avocado or MCT oil added.
Priscilla T.
As the first thing in the morning, you should drink a glass of water ! After a long time of dehydration, water is the "fuel" you need to recharge your body. After that you have to get a healthy breakfast. ( with fruits , nuts , eggs and yogurt etc.)
Caterina T.
A glass of lukewarm water. It helps to detoxify the body and also the bowel movement.
Adolfo Z.
When you we you first wake up.You must drink water right away!!
Astrid Z.
Focus on having protein and fiber on the forefront of your breakfast. Try to make things from whole ingredients. Oatmeal is king in this respect, especially if you mix in whole nuts and fruit or nut butte and natural perserves. Eggs are also fantastic. Made with cheese and spinach you can get a meal that really sticks to the ribs. If you want to eat toast, try sprouted grain bread which is loaded with protein and fiber.

Don't drink too much coffee with breakfast and instead pace out your caffeine throughout the morning.

Make actual time to eat and make breakfast. It'll really make the experience worthwhile.

Marie F.
Drink hot water with lemon, then a good breakfast, hitting multiple food groups – grain, nuts and fruit/veg
Edward S.
I use to have two eags, two breads, 2 bananas and a cup of tea for my breakfast. But I always try to keep eags in the place while whatever the other things. Because, eags are good supply of energy. Sometimes I eat a handful of rice with eags. Those things really keep me energetic till midday.
Jonas X.
I like to eat oatmeal with a few chocolate chips. It is filling and easy on my tummy. Sometimes I prefer to eat scrambled eggs with a piece of toast when I’m feeling something savory instead of sweet.
Mariane S.
I like to start my morning with a protein smoothie and shot of fire cider. Solid food does not appeal to me until about 10am so then I have a light snack like a protein bar or cheese and nuts to hold me over until lunch time.
Sean J.
Water and peanut butter toast
Irmingard U.
So, first there's my water. It just gets things flowing. Then I need coffee for sure. To eat- I am starting to get used to pan con tomate and maybe some melted cheese or Olive oil.
Marcus U.
As for me, I always would have something healthy, but delicious at the same time. For example, an omelet with cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions (fried or fresh, either is delicious), or a nice salad (spinach with chopped tomatoes and other small vegetables is my personal favorite). I also have a glass or two of water, and if you don't like omelets or salad, you can always eat other healthy energetic foods.
Julia R.
Drink water and have a healthy breakfast with a quality protein!
Filippa W.
Water, to rehydrate. I drink coffee first thing in the morning. I need it to wake up.
Constance T.
Water is the perfect drink in the first morning will clear your mind and rehydrate you, high protein food and fruits is a good breakfast and avoid carbohydrates and sugar
Leonard P.
Eggs are fantastic for breakfast because they are full of protines and other nutrients such as Omega 3 that helps you remain energized throughout the day. Also I drink yerba mate tea in the morning because it contains a lot of nutrients as well and a healthy dose of natural caffiene, that unlike coffee, does not cause jitters and doesn't crash you after few hours.
Hector Q.
Think that people can react differently tp different food. But, personaly, sipping a family detox recipe, eating some "seeds" (like -> Brazil nut & cashew nut), as well as a banana; brings a saciated and energized thru the morning. ^^

If you're curious for the family recipe, its relatively simple; it consists of:

A sweet base
-> like Pinapple
-> Oranges
-> Tangerines

And, as mother says, "any fruit and veggetable you find in the refrigerator":
-> like Apples
-> Carrots
-> Beets
-> Rucula
-> Spinach
-> Passion fruit
(Whatever you think may taste good)

… usualy, to fix it, we put the "sweet base" in the mixer (and mix it) until the fruits become "liquid". Then, are added the other veggies, bit by bit, and mix until becomes homogenious.

Lastly, we use clean dish cloth to filter the juice on to a jar.

With that done … TaDah ^.^ … the "Sucão" (family detox juice) is ready.

Hope it was helpful.


Rosa W.
One should drink water first thing in the morning to rehydrate after sleep. A good breakfast has a source of protein such as eggs, nuts or yogurt. Adding fruits provides energy.
Ella E.
I have seen in one programme – 2-3 dates a day (medjool dates are delicious) contain daily intake of tryptophan which helps with the production of happy mood and good sleep. Make sure to choose good quality dates – they should not look shiny and feel too sticky (that's sugar syrup coating) or too dry (which means they have been dried in the oven rather than naturally). Choosing Medjool dates usually mean you can't go wrong. Hope that helps 🙂
Rachel F.
No idea. I eat boiled eggs because of the protein content but I really don’t enjoy them.

I do like to have a piece of fruit. Other than that I honestly enjoy a piece of toast best of all! Not sure that would be as healthy.

Oliver W.
One should take a long drink of water in order to get their metabolism going.
C Cera Q.
Water, mostly protein, some unsaturated fats, and maybe some healthy complex carbohydrates depending on personal macronutrient goals.
Kira X.
Water. Water refreshes the body, the internal organs and also gives the organs a kickstart for the long day ahead.
Lenny Y.
I have a glass of water my bed which i drink first thing in the then i come downstairs have a cup of tea and scrambled eggs that gets me though to midday and in this cold weather keeps me feeling warm
Ekaterina F.
A big glass of water along with a breakfast bar or cooky. The sugar and carbs give a fast start to your metabolism and water lets the body begin a path to hydration. The body needs hydration to function properly.
Krin Z.
The thing your body wants most, and first, is water. I don't really think of it as a beverage, but like rocket fuel for the rest of my morning routine. It is pretty difficult to go back to bed if I just drank water. It's priming your body for inner and outer movement. It makes me have to pee.
Kylie J.
Drink water to help hydrate and wake up for the day. It will help to clear the mind and increase energy. A good meal in the morning is one that is higher in protein and lower in sugary carbs or mainly carbs. So eggs or salmon is good in the morning with fruit or vegetables. Some good fats such as avocado, almond milk, and nuts can also be beneficial. Good carbs for breakfast can be plain oats or smoothies with vegetables and fruits mixed with fats and protein supplements.
Alfred C.
A person should drink glass of water and black coffee. Should eat a protein such as eggs or plain yogurt. The Plain yogurt a person can add some honey cinnamon and fresh berries and nuts. A person could also eat healthy fat such as avocado on a piece of whole grain bread.
Hedda G.
Short answer: Keep it simple and natural, yet creative.

Long answer: I highly recommend at least half a bottle of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. This acts as a good jumpstart for your metabolism and replenishes a good portion of hydration that you loose while you sleep; which lessens the early morning sluggish feeling and promotes your body’s need for food, greatly benefits your health (especially if you’re trying to lose weight) and improves your mood.

For food, I also highly recommend eating something that takes very little time to prepare, make, eat and clean. The benefit of this is that you will have more time for other activities that are apart of morning routine and if you’re running late to school or work you have time to make something health an full of natural energy. Which reduces stress levels and the probability that you would skip breakfast. An example of this could be a breakfast shake; 2-3 bananas, peanut butter (chunky or smooth), ice, and about 1/2-1 cup of milk (any kind of milk works). Throw it all into a blender and blend for about 1-2 minutes at most. I personally drink this very shake at least once a day and the benefits are endless. Now, don’t forget to be creative with what you make for breakfast eating the same thing everyday is ok, but it gets boring after a while. So, switch it up a little every now and then; you can make something new or you could add or swap something from the meal. Going back to the example above, when I feel like I want something a little different or a little more to eat I add one scope of chocolate whey or casein protein powder.
The results from your improved health, time saved, increased natural energy and focus combined with reduced stress will greatly improve your mood. Which will, in turn, make you exceptionally more inclined to remain productive in both the near and far future.

Kasper E.
Drink full glass of warm water when you wake up. Then have a healthy breakfast enrich with proteins. 2 eggs , handful of raising or almonds or Indian wheat roti with butter
Felix S.
As per Fabulous it's water the first thing one should take. However, a tinge of lemon along with water keeps the day brisk. I have also tried coconut milk carrot juice or neem & turmeric powder with water in the morning. Everything has its benefits.
Dwayne A.
I am getting my PhD in health and nutrition. I believe in a raw vegan diet. The day should start with greens, such as a spinach or kale salad with one fruit.
Avery E.
Hot water with lemon and a little honey or agave makes a great "first thing in the morning" beverage. It will boost your metabolism and blood sugar levels.
Same E.
Lemon ice water! I feel like it wakes me up and gets me ready for the day.
Phyllis P.
A bottle of water that I put on my bedside table before I go to bed
William Z.
You should drink water first thing in the morning. You should eat protein and carbs in the morning to give you the fuel to get through the day. I also need caffeine to give me that boost!
Judd Y.
Slow Proteins are ideal for breakfast. Foods like eggs, nuts and meat are ideal. Followed by a small dose of complex sugars like fruits (ie: apples and bananas).
Emma B.
I personally find drinking water first thing in the morning very helpful. You start the day hydrated, and it helps me maintain my energy throughout the day.
Sol Ne T.
First thing I drink is water, then have my coffee within 30m of waking up.
Jackson C.
The best thing to drink would be water. Water is our essential life force. After sleeping, one goes a long time without water. Drink water to rehydrate and start everything in motion.
Noah Z.
Eggs cooked anyway you like, avacado, turkey, protein shake, and anything else that is low carb and high protein.
Berthold E.
Banana or orange with hard boiled egg or microwaved egg. This is a breakfast almost as easy as cereal, as easy if hardboiled egg. Ease is paramount because that is the best thing about cereal.
Brett Z.
Something high in protein. Protein will help give more energy than other foods.
Naja U.
Should drink water and eat a healthy protien packed breakfast.
Milton Y.
A healthy, hearty breakfast with plenty of protien, fiber, and vitamins. A tall glass of lemon water.
Lucas Y.
Personally I think a smoothie with protein powder would be easiest and most beneficial. Alternatively, poached eggs and avocado toast or a yogurt and fruit bowl
Vernon F.
Water works for me. I pku some on the bedside table before I go to sleep.
Angel C.
I have been making my own pate and having on sour dough for breakfast. Its amazing and has so many nutients. I've been feeling great since I madethis part of my regular meal.