What do you put in your acai bowls?

Melvin Y.
Almond slices or Walnuts,
flax seeds,
plain yogurt!

Or substitute w a small nutrient-packed meal:
– peanut-butter on toast,
– almond butter on apple slices,
– small omelette with extra cheese,
– yogurt, honey, and chopped nuts
– trail mix (healthy version)
or even starchy vegis…
– potatos or sweet corn w a little seasoning (chilli powder(?) or salt/pepper)
– milk, 100% fruit juice, or vegi juice(!)

Silje N.
I usually eat açaí by itself because after a while I started liking its taste considerably (at first I didn't like, it felt like eating dirt). But I also enjoy mixing it with strawberries and also powder milk.
Friedl T.
I dont create acai bowls. The combination of fruits can increase the intaken sugar. I consume my fruits in the salad. I keep it plain. Green combination salad with strawberries, or oranges, or dried fruits.
Kathy U.
If I made açaí bowls, I would love to add coconut milk and chia seeds to thicken it. Some tropical fruits like mangoes and papaya would complement the açaí. I would love to top the bowl off with coconut flakes.