Do you have any tips for breakfast you could easily prepare and eat at work?

Melita Y.
Poha .(Indian breakfast made with flatted rice).
It is easy to cook. Simple to digest and provide essential nutrients to start the day
Emeline T.
At work you need only a mug, oat flakes, and yoghurt, which you can easily buy anywhere or bring from home in a food container or in a jar. Also you can prepare overnight oats with berries or nuts in the refrigerator and just grab it in the morning with you. And don't forget the spoon 🥄 😉.
Kristina Y.
An electric kettle or a microwave are useful to prepare oatmeal. I like to add some grapenuts cereal for extra fiber, and some yogurt and banana on top.
Gabrielle I.
You can make some sandwiches, like loaf breads with cheese and turkey chest or ham, it’s nice to take some juice or tea too
Beverly C.
Nature packages a lot of healthy foods for us, and taking advantage of these is quite helpful! Apples, grapes, bananas, strawberries, seeds, and nuts…taking advantage of these is a great idea. Simple protein sources are also a must, and these can include cheese, lox, or ham — all of which can be quickly set in a small container the night before for an on-the-go meal!
Anna U.
Some breakfast that are easy to prepare for work are:
-yogurt, fruits, oats, granola
-egg and cheese sandwich
-banana, toast slice, milk
-hard boiled egg (it is nutritious and easy to prepare)
Wolf Dietrich E.
I love making smoothie bowls because they are super delicious and very nutritious.
I also like making French toast and coffee on winter time because it’s nice and warm and makes me feel cozy.
All these are very quick recipes and perfect to give you energy for work or study.