How do you prepare your breakfast?

Marvin J.
I first put bread in the toaster, while getting some fruits and yogurt out of the fridge. I put butter on my toast and pour a full glass of water.

Barbara E.
Put on coffee and grab what's there like cookies, oatmeal, left overs, cereal, just whatever I can, I'm disabled so moat of it's done for me, by my daughter.

Callum Z.
The night before I put oatmeal and other whole-wheat cereal in a bowl. I put in a banana, some mixed nuts and seeds and dried and candied fruit. I pour some water and let it soak during the night

Mitchell O.
I plan the night before or while I am having my morning tea what I will have for breakfast.
Having committed to eating a portion of protein with every meal (protein builds and repairs worn out tissues) I make sure I have the necessary foods at home to prepare a proper meal. 95% of my grocery is whole foods and my protein is mainly fish, turkey or lamb; in addition to leafy greens, veggies, fruits and a small portion of gluten free grains.
Keeping my food list and recipes simple, eliminating inflammatory foods along with some food prep makes the process easier.

Chayton E.
First, I cut up an avocado. Then I put some multigrain bread in the toaster. While the bread toasts, I fry up an egg. Once everything is done, I put my sliced avocado and egg on the toast and season with salt and pepper. It is sooooo good.

Anny J.
Firstly I think about what I want to eat and then I put all the thinks that I need ready and I start making it it’s not the same every day and that’s what I like

Hartmuth U.
I make coffee first, after drinking about 20 oz of water. I then cut up turkey, tomatoes and some spinach into a fry pan with butter. Add eggs on top and stir until desired texture. This is my favorite combination. ♡

Magda Z.
I usually prepare tea while I dress up.
I eat biscuits and croissants with it. When I have the time I bake them the night before, but if I'm in a rush I buy them at the supermarket (I know it's less healthy but I try to buy the best option).
Sometimes when I don't have appointments early in the morning I prepare something with cheese or ham and add a fruit at the end, but that depends on my schedule

Owen T.
Making sure that I buy basic meal items in the weekly grocery shop like eggs, bread, yoghurt, berries etc. makes it so much easier. I either make a poached egg on whole grain bread with avocado or yoghurt with rolled oats and a range of berries. Make sure to include variety.

Veronica F.
Get out a toaster, put bread in, slice an avocado while that’s going, then get the side fruit, cheese, eggs, and milk. Then when the toast is done, put the cheese and avocado on, salt it, and your done.

Wolf R Diger X.
I like seasonings and flavor, so most of the time I make something in a pan. I also pair it with water to get 2 birds with 1 stone, and as a palate cleanser.

Frederikke G.
I always try to eat something healthy. On the weekend I always can do it but in the week I have to wake up early and barely have any time left for breakfast because I have to get ready for school. So I don't eat something before school but in the break. Sadly I don't always have something healthy but I try to have more healthy breakfast for school!