What do you have for breakfast when it’s cold? I feel like having something warm but don’t have time for cooking either because of work.

אופיר טל N.
Make boiled eggs the night before, then heat them up for a little bit in the morning (in a small pot). Or make an omlette the might before and heat it up 1 minute on . pan or in the microwave. Eggs!
Vivian A.
I recently read an article about the morning routines of celebrities like Jen Aniston, Oprah and others. Highly recommend tea or hot water with lemon as soon as you wake up and a breakfast smoothie with lots of fruits and even veggies like Spinach. I like adding milk and yogurt but NO ice so it's not cold. So healthy and still tastes great to me!
Jo Y.
I like to make up a batch of oatmeal that will last me for 5 or 6 days and keep it in the fridge. Then I just heat up a serve in the microwave each morning.
I also make the oatmeal so it's ready to eat without adding anything else- eg with fruit, sweetener, spice – and I make it with hot milk.
Silas W.
Eggs, scrambled or in a simple omelet, takes a few minutes whilst the kettle is boiling for coffee; either that or overnight soaked porridge
Mira T.
I would suggest to prepare your breakfast meals the night before and just heat them in the microwave if you have one or heat it up at the office
Paola M.
I lightly warm up some plant-based milk. Then i add some oatmeal flakes and sometimes a banana. Dark chocolate chips is a plus (they will melt!). Yum
Leonara E.
I make eggs cups with some type of vegatble and protein ahead of time (typically Sunday) and then microwave them quickly before I leave the house. I also enjoy belvita breakfast biscuits for when im really in a rush. They keep me full until lunch and go great with a warm cup of coffee.
Kayla U.
I usually have oatmeal when I'm in a hurry, but every now and then we keep microwavable breakfast sandwiches (egg, cheese, sausage, that kind of thing) on hand for rushed mornings.
Pauline O.
Breakfast burrito: scammbled egg, black beans, salsa, cheese, all rolled in a tortilla. Freezes well and only takes a minute in the microwave when thawed!
Jar E.
I usually have fruits, vegetables and nuts for a quick breakfast. And when I have some extra time, I also make a piece of toast or have a cup of tea with them.
Laura Z.
I usually have rolled oats for brekky, i top them with any seeds or nuts or fruit i feel like. If it's cold I just warm them up and put some honey on top
Maja W.
Porridge with some banana and peanut butter or raspberries and blueberries and hazelnuts. It takes five minutes to prepare it and it's really tasty and satiating
Emma O.
Oatmeal is really fast and warm! Take oatmeal and water 1:2. Cook water, pour on oatmeal. While water is cooking, cut fruits. Add to oatmeal. Add banana, peanutbutter or milk to make it smooth.
Christian P.
I love Kodiak Cakes brand oatmeal. It has more protein than regular oatmeal, less sugar, higher in fiber, and tastes a lot better too. I make mine with Fairlife milk to add extra protein to the oatmeal and it only takes 30-45 seconds to cook.
Amalie C.
You can make some overnight oats in the fridge and then eat them cold or heat them up in the microwave in the morning. You can also make a scrambled egg in a mug in the microwave.
Hadrien Y.
Either pancakes (prior made or that day), oatmeal, scrambled eggs is also fast… I have also made breakfast sandwiches ahead and froze them, fast “McMuffin “ and delicious!!
Jessie W.
I usually drink tea or coffee since it does not take too long to make or I’ll just make some at work. I also will eat a healthy bar or small pastry (if really crunched for time).
Sineide C.
I think in the end it is more of a psychological barrier, that we think cooking takes long. I started just making one Scrambled egg and eating it without bread just with a bit of salt. It really takes maybe 10min all together.
Another alternative could be to warm milk in the microwave and pour it over oatmeal…
Not a candidate for a Michelin Star, but quick;)
Madlen Y.
IfI was trying not to cook, I would do instant oats, which only takes a couple minutes in the microwave or however it takes to boil water. Also, frozen burritos are great (especially not individually packaged). I also have a timed egg cooker which is nice to set while I get ready. Overall though, I usually realize that all of that still takes me the same amount of time as cooking and egg and a piece of toast. The only exception is instant oats because I have boiling water at work, that is definitely instant!
Rebecca Y.
If time is short then I either opt for porridge which can be cooked I. The slow cooker the night before or a microwaved poached egg.

If you have time it's worth checking out www.biggerbolderbaking.com too. Gemma has a whole section for recipes in a mug that take 2 – 5 mins and can be prepared the night before. Her sweet potato hash or the blueberry muffin are both worth trying! Bon appetit!

Eric S.
Eggs, toast and peanut butter, or a quick bowl of oatmeal are my goto's. Eggs are simple to fix up and take only 2 minutes out of your time, and I usually pop my toast in while I make my eggs. Or oatmeal works, too, because I can stick it in the microwave and come back to if when I'm ready. Smoothies aren't warm, but you can never go wrong with a smoothie!