What foods do you eat for breakfast when you’re in a hurry?

Alison U.
Porridge with a banana smushed in, with chia seeds and cinnamon.

If I dont have any time for porridge, boiled eggs, which I'll pop on while I get ready for work.

Giulia R.
Bananas, bananas, banamas…I can't stress then enough!They are zero effort to buy and no messy to put in the bag for the commute. You can eat them everywhere without the need for cutlery. The help with my badbadbad pms as well!
Tinyiko F.
Usually food like cereal, energy bars, smoothies, oatmeal/banana muffins to keep me full until i can eat a fulfilling lunch
Kristina N.
I like to cut vegetables like cucumber, peppers and carrots.
I eat them with a dip from hazelnut tahini, soy sauce and vinegar.
Swetlana U.
I try and get a banana smoothie just so I can get a good amount of proteins before I head to work. It's very simple since everything is 1 foot apart. Most importantly I can drink it on the go and dont waste too much money if I cant finish it. Last but not least it requires not much cleaning. Hust pit water in the blender and let it sit there and you're good.
Ida C.
I usually eat simple easy-to-make-breakfast like toast, cereal, crackers, instant noodles and drink any drinks that I have at home.
Rasmus Z.
If I don't have time to prepare a meal for breakfast I will go for a bowl of cereal, but only the kind that is good for you. I want to watch my cholesterol so I choose chocolate cherrios which is supposed to be low in cholesterol and I still get to enjoy a chocolate taste.
Rodney U.
Banana, energy bar, goldfish, doughnut, trail mix, granola bar. If I’m not careful and eat the same things too many days in a row I can’t really ever eat it again because it will make me sick. That happened with tiger’s milk bars fruit bars.
Marius N.
When I am in hurry, I eat some yoghurt with oats, some seeds (sunflower, sesame and pumpkin are my favourite). Sometimes I put additionally ready muesli but also you can eat this yoghurt with muesli which you created by your own or bought your favourite one. Another option for fast breakfast for me is oatmeal with seeds and some available fruits.