Is it okay to start your day with a potato breakfast taco?

Isa Z.
Yes, but make sure there are eggs in it? You want to have enough protein to feel full until lunch and have enough energy to focus through your morning.
Jordan O.
I think so it’s breakfast and if you’re thinking about carb intake (which you shouldn’t because your body is beautiful) then carbs are the best thing in the morning as fuel for the day and you can burn them off throughout the day.
Hadrien T.
Yep! Absolutely! Breakfast fuels the rest of your day, and a potato breakfast taco is likely to have eggs, maybe some meat, and cheese in it, covering most of the food groups. Get a banana or an apple or some juice and there’s a complete meal.
Krizienne Y.
I am not sure as I have never tried it before. I used to have bread, toast, rice, soup, or other types of foods as breakfast.