Any cheap and healthy breakfast options that personally work for you guys?

Vernon Roberts
I really like the protein shake option. It really suits my needs whatever it may be ie. protein, cleansing, veggies etc. It’s a very flexible meal replacement. Add fruit and a handful of grains and you’re even better off.

Abigail Stanley
Oatmeal… not super exciting but you can add whatever you have on hand… or hard boiled eggs.

Frankie Lewis
Eggs are my best friend at breakfast time. Scrambled with butter, fried with coconut oil, boiled with er… water they are a cheap, fuss free and satisfying breakfast meal. Sometimes I'll go down the avocado route with my eggs (delicious) or sometimes with some sourbread toast but I'll never be hungry before my next meal as eggs are packed full of protein.

Clifton Turner
I make a smoothie with frozen fruit and almond milk. It's inexpensive and easy to take on my 60 miles drive to work.

Audrey Marshall
Oat meal/yogurt with abricots/plums/apple/nuts/seed/etc.; banana-egg pancakes with peanut butter; müsli (no added sugar) with milk/yogurt

Titouan Schmitt
I drink a meal replacement shake every morning. Usually have to find the good tasting ones via the internet. Herbalife is my favorite cause of the variety of flavors.

Oscar Petersen
I really like the classic porridge, and a boiled egg with a piece of fruit. My favorite it banana but I have to mind my sugar levels. I don't deny myself it though because it makes it more meaningful when I do get to eat the banana. A solid enriched farina is quick and easy and keeps me full. This is important for me because I have a very busy morning and morning snacks are not possible. Porridge, oatmeal or warm cereal makes me full and releases steady energy till my often late lunch. I like a boiled egg because it's guilt free protein. I feel good knowing I'm starting the day right with all three macronutrients. And a boiled egg is an easy and health conscious choice.

Daniela Thielemann
I chop a bunch of peppers and potatoes the night(s) before to make super fast scramble. Add some bacon bits or ham and it’s perfect breakfast in less than 10 mins.

Yvonne Perry
A natural peanut butter made from 100% peanuts on some sourdough multigrain toast with some fruit is great. You can even slice up the fruit like a banana or apple and have it on the toast with some cinnamon! So good.

Maëly Morin
Overnight oatmeal! It takes 2 minutes to prep the night before and its ready in the morning. Also it stays good for 5 days, so making enough for the week is easy

Clinton Sanders
EGGS! We usually have an egg mixture prepared so that we can grab a spoonful quick. Add what you want, but we usually start out with a basic combination – eggs, bell peppers, onions, black pepper and a touch of milk whipped to scramble.
I use a dozen eggs, freeze 1/2 for later use.
The other is put into an airtight container in the fridge.

Lisa Clark
I do usually prepared 2 eggs and hot tea. After a while (like 30min) I got a banana and maybe just maybe a cup of fruit yogurt. I am trying to reduce the milk consumption so Yogurt my weakness.

Douglas Turner
Get your fruits at the local market and stash for a week. Same goes for vegetables.

Protein is cheap from yoghurt or french yoghurt. Soja and meat replacements are very good these days. Eggs are easy to make in the morning.

Bertram Petersen
Smoothie work really well for me when I take the time to make them, including greens, healthy fats and protein powder

Alfred Christensen
Oatmeal is good. Find a favorite mix in or two and go to town. Very cheap, healthy, filling, and vegan even, if that matters to you. Eggs and hash browns if you go light on the oil and salt, and if you need the protein. An apple with peanut butter and wheat toast. Peanut butter banana toast. It can often depend on your budget and health needs, as well as how much time you have. Wheat pancakes with unsweetened applesauce is a good, inexpensive, fairly healthy treat.

Balduíno Gomes
Oats with buttermilk or curd or yogurt. It's very easy to prepare just boil water and pour boiling water over oats let it cool down or looks cooked. It might take around 5 mins. Add buttermilk or curd or yogurt to it. You can also throw in bananas