What are your favorite breakfast foods?

Nely T.
I like having Special K cereal with 2% milk & a breakfast sandwich that has the following: Egg, mozzarella cheese, avocado, tomato on a multigrain bagel.
En Y.
Egg and bread was the best breakfast in the world. It's easy to ready and make it. I also enjoy drinking Milk when I having my breakfast. So that I feel not dry at all when eating the bread…..
Gabriela X.
My favourite breakfast food is probably fruit or something pancakes from my mum. I feel like with fruit I can start day healthy and the right way. It’s also sweet and gives me the energy. But pancakes my mum makes for me brings me pure joy and I don’t have to feel about it if I don’t eat it all the time.
Alex O.
Overnight oats with some kind of fruit and nuts, eggs and smashed avocado on rye bread with some kind of protein (smoked salmon, veggie or normal bacon or sausages, parma ham) and fried veg (tomatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, spinach), sometimes chia seed pudding with fruits coconut shavings and protein
Honor S.
Well it really depends on how much time u have in the morning. My personal favs are Porraige with honey, a smoothie (u can find loads of resipes online) or some Greek yogurt and some chopped up fruit in the mix. There my favs but what ever suits your life style!
Tinde Z.
I really like egg and avocado toast. And yogurt and granola yuum! Or oat meal here is a recipe for the best oatmeal ever:
Oats (ofc)
A half banana
Vanilla extract (whatever kind of vanilla you prefer)
Almond milk
And chia seed
And if you want it to taste even better try adding strawberries! And heat until its kind of sticky. Enjoy!
Berenice G.
Yogurt and nuts (some times with Kelloggs or a fruit) ! Once a week I eat eggs with on the side some carrots or an apple.
I'm not a English native speaker sorry if there are some mistakes.
Viry E.
Rice cereal with banana, and vanilla yogurt with granola. It's light, delicious, and it has grains and fruit so it's healthy and doesn't leave me feeling stuffed like pancakes and syrup would.