Is brunch recommended by anyone over breakfast ?

Gertraut X.
In my experience, I am told eating a light, fiber heavy breakfast within an hour is best to keep blood glucose and metabolism levels stable. It is important to eat something healthy every 2-3 hours.
Mario C.
Sure. If you have time eat a huge brunch and don't eat for the rest of the day. Intermittent fasting is a wonderful way to stay healthy, retain muscle and lose weight. I eat one meal per day and benefit from more energy, less lethargy, greater control over my thoughts and a great body.
Lo S N.
If you are working out in the AM, then I would recommend breakfast. If you are fasting, then your breakfast would most likely be brunch! It depends on what you want with your diet and your mornings. I would recommend exercise/breakfast, as muscle increases your metabolism.
Elaine C.
I think it is healthier to have 3 meals a day than just 2. Brunch accounts for just one meal and we may not be getting enough nutrients required by combining 2 meals.
Jolanthe O.
I would think that breakfast is recommended over brunch since it is where you set the tone for your day. It’s where you fuel up for whatever the day is going to throw at you.
Hazel J.
Depending on personal goals, but I usually eat after working out in the mornings. On days off, my goal is to eat within 2 hrs after waking up. It keeps me focused and this ensures me I don’t skip breakfast. If I do I noticed I tend to overeat later in the day, especially at night.
Chris J.
When you have a choice, I don’t recommend skipping breakfast. Ever. Just have breakfast (brunch) again at 11 that’s all 😉
Alberte P.
No, because breakfast provides you with the energy you need to start a day effectively and keep being active, sugar dominamt
Vando C.
I pretty much do a brunch right now. When my habits are better in place and I actually get up when I wake up, I’ll do about 6 small meals a day as recommended by my nutritionist. So then the first small meal would be breakfast (eggs) at 5:30 and the next snack would be 8:30 (yogurt and almonds). I think this plan maximizes energy and controls blood sugar. It’ll take me a little time to switch to this habit:)
Susan N.
For me an early breakfast is healthier. I eat good stuff only. Brunch tend to be more fun, usually with more options some less healthy sinve it is only on weekends with the kids. If i get up early on weekends, i eat proper breakfast and then partake when the kids get up later on.