What’s on your breakfast plate?

Burckhard R.
I had toast with avocado and I sliced up some boiled eggs add a little bit of fruit as well my favorite pineapples on the side of course
Elijah S.
Either homemade brown bread with organic butter, peanut butter, jam and banana. Or cornflakes and homemade low sugar granola with organic full fat milk.
Hadeel N.
Either I have boiled egg with slices of some veggies like cucumber and tomatoes, or whole grain toast with peanut butter and light jam
Erica F.
Usually, I have 2 eggs, avo, sourkraut, relish or pickles, sometime leafy greens, maybe some mushrooms, whatever veggie go really. At the moment I'm doing gluten free toast or fried sweet potato but otherwise toast.
Emma O.
Two eggs, scrambled with diced pepper, onion, and avocado, wrapped in a sundries tomato tortilla. I added a big glass of juice and that easily keeps me going until noon!
Sierra Y.
Two eggs plus something extra (one piece of toast, an apple, slices of ham, half a bagel, fried mushrooms, fried peppers, etc), or, an apple chopped up with Greek yogurt and granola.
Sabrina Z.
I have been eating hatd boiled eggs or wheat toast w peanut butter or nuts mostly at breakfast. Sometimes it is just juice or a banana or fruit though.
Jennie Z.
For breakfast if i am in a hurry I'll eat something quick like a banana and apple. If i have time I'll eat all sorts of things like yogurt, granola, toast, but fruits are usually a good safe choice for breakfast.
Tinka I.
Either yoghurt with dried fruit, fiber rich Cornflakes and nuts, or bread with hummus and cheese. Both with a boiled egg on the side.