Are there any good breakfast that I can meal prep so I can grab it on my way out the door?

Lucas E.
You can try banana ice cream or "nice cream". A really quick, simple and healthy breakfast. Just use frozen bananas and blend it in a blender. You can add peanut butter / almond butter and cocoa powder/coffee for flavour. You can experiment with the flavors.

George O.
Sandwiches are always a good option, you can put whatever you like in your favorite type of bread and put it in a ziplock bag.

Lois Q.
A greek yogurt parfait is always easy to prep and have ready in the fridge for a grab and go. You can add chia, oats, fruits, cacao nibs, and even spike it up with some additional protein powder. Another quick breakfast are mozzarella sticks with tortilla crackers and peanut butter with protein.

Marivana Z.
i like to eat fruit, so i cut it up the night before and put it in tupperware. if i still feel hungry after eating it (in the morning), i’ll eat some cereal too.

Ritthy C.
Try adding some natural yogurt with fruits to a mason jar the previous night. Also, cook hard eggs and cut some cheese .

Karl Josef J.
Check for some overnight oatmeal recipes. Mine is like this: one cup milk, half a cup rolled oats, a mashed banana, an apple chopped in little cubes, honey or jam and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Mix it all in a lidded jar, put it on the fridge and grab it alongside a spoon on your way out. You're good to go with a nice breakfast you can eat on commute.

Randy T.
Overnight oats are a good option, you can even make them into a power breakfast bowl by adding a scoop of protein powder and topping them with fresh fruit and chia seeds. You can prep your smoothie ingredients the night before and just bland and go. There are also breakfast cups (muffins) with eggs, veggies, meat and cheese that you can make amd put in the fridge or freeze and just heat up and eat.

Hansgeorg E.
Pack berries, almonds, cooked eggs for instance.
Or prepare rx bars at home (check rx bars copycat recipe online).

Francis E.
sandwiches are easy to make or getting bread from the bakery next door . fruits are also easy as you can eat it in the way and doesn’t take up much time . hope you accomplish your goal !!

Dusan F.
Ironically you’d be surprised if well a nice egg scramble holds up when prepared the night before and stored in the refrigerator the night before. Also there are overnight oats which you can mix up each time with different high antioxidant and high fiberboard and protein options added.

Donald Q.
I make overnight oats which can be made up to five days in advance. Other ideas might be a trail mix or boiled eggs made the night before.

Tiffany E.
You can make breakfast burritos ahead and freeze them. Stuffed with eggs and a little cheese and/or protein. Look for whole grain tortillas.

You could also make a meal prep container with fruit, a hard boiled egg and some nuts.

Tristan P.
I stick with classic frozen burritos from Whole Foods. Relatively healthy. And always do a good job of holding you off until lunch.

Yolanda E.
You can take some fruits, such as banana and apple, and eat out the door. You can also prepare a toast and eat it on the street.

Eli E.
Yes you can boil 2 or 1 egg at the night before you want to have a great breakfast or you can grab an apple or a banana with yourself

Falc O O.
How about porridge? Prepare outs with berries in the evening and just fill the boiled water in in the morning. The porridge is getting done by itself and you don't need to prepare. Or make a banana bread with only oats, banana and berries on Sunday and have it for the whole week.

Candice Q.
I buy large containers of plain Greek yogurt and big bags of frozen fruit (berries) and prep individual servings of yogurt with the frozen fruit on top for the week. The fruit thaws and creates a nice no added sugar syrup and the protein from the yogurt makes it filling. I’ve also prepped an egg casserole at the beginning of the week and cut out a square each morning.

Cecil E.
I really love smoothies or overnight oats. You can make a batch of smoothies for each day of the week with mindful ingredients, freeze them, and thaw one out in the fridge overnight so it’s ready to slurp on in the morning! Bananas, yogurt, protein powder, peanut butter are just a few ingredients I like to use, but there are so many amazing recipes out there to try! As for overnight oats, the same variety exists with just a little bit of research! Both things are completely customizable to your unique tastes so every breakfast can be one you love and feel good about eating!

Edgar T.
Yogurt parfait with Greek yogurt, overnight oats, or put all your fruit and frozen Greek yogurt cubes in individual freezer bags & all you do is toss it in the blender each morning with milk or juice.

Estela C.
Look up a recipe for overnight oatmeal. There are lots out there, and they usually involve combining the ingredients in the fridge in the evening and eating in the morning.

Nalmir Z.
Overnight oats! Get a container, for every cup of rolled oats add two cups of liquid (milk, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, water). Add a tablespoon of flax seed if you want. Some honey. Add fruits or anything you want. Base is pretty simple rolled oats and liquid.

Craig E.
Anything you can do to get it done ahead of time is valuable. I always wind up struggling at the last minute, and that's no fun. If you have it made ahead of time it doesn't even have to be all that simple! For instance, if you cook up a big batch of Scottish oats, and then you mix those oats with Greek yogurt and frozen fruit, you have an easy breakfast that you can take with you, and you can make several batches. But if you're really pressed for time? Protein smoothie. All the way. I would just use almond milk, protein powder, frozen berries, and spinach. You're pretty much hitting all your bases.

Maria F.
Yeah! I think overnight oats are good with whatever milk you use- oat, almond, regular. Or chia pudding. Prepare night before and then take it w you. Theres

Jonas A.
Aside from a smoothie 1 good way recipe I had yesterday was brown bread, avocado with chia seeds, and honey. Just blend the avocado.

Marie U.
Definitely Overnight Oats!! They are really easy to make (the base is just rolled oats and your milk and/or yogurt of choice) and there are hundreds of different toppings you can add for flavor and texture. You can search for inspiration online on what to add and try many different combinations so you’ll never be bored. It takes no more than 5-10 minutes to make at night. Quick, easy, filling AND delicious!

Mabel O.
Eggs are full of protein and delicious almost anyway! For on the go meals, I like to just do a big batch of hardboiled eggs and then sprinkle some salt on them.

Jayden N.
Yes, you can always make a breakfast bar with oats nuts berries, you can use flaxseed almond butter, substituting soy milk or cashew milk instead of cows milk and a little bit of honey goes along way.

Dulc Nio I.
My favorite is overnight oats you put a cup of oatmeal and a cup of almond milk with a dash or two of vanilla extract in a few Tupperwares. In the refrigerator. Cut up fruit in a separate Tupperware and grab agave and almond butter or peanut to garnish each bowls. Hope this helps.

Jo G.
Spending the last day of the week or month grocery shopping and meal prepping is an ideal time saver. I personally like a hot meal so whipping up a big batch of vegetarian greens, brussel sprouts, lentils and quinoa to put in a container to freeze makes for a sides to a frozen meal. Also breakfast burritos. You can't go wrong here since you can mix them up with different stuffers each time, having a baked sweet potato with a nice side of fruit will all keep well in the freezer. So when you get to the breakroom microwave or even at home while you put on coat and shoes. Or the few minutes while you top off your morning coffee you can have a satisfying quick bite that's a hearty and healthy home cooked meal.

Paulina X.
You can make these egg and veggie muffins. You just a cupcake pan and beat some eggs seasonings, peppers onions etc and pour into the cupcake pan. Than put it under the oven to bake a bit. Eat a couple everyday and store in a Tupperware container.

Matthieu Y.
An idea to add protein in the morning (a little bit of extra work the day beforehand though).
– In a muffin tin grease with oil of choice (i like coconut or olive)
– whisk 6 or so eggs in a bowl.
-Pour egg into separate tins
– then add 2 or 3 servings of stuff like spinach, kale, red peppers, mushrooms, chard, tomato (all chopped), cheese.
– bake for 20 to 30 min at 350 degrees
– these can also be frozen and eaten at a later date.

Cl Mentine T.
I think eggs carrots and apples are a good breakfast but if you are in a hurry just grab a bottle of water and a apple and head out the door for work.

James F.
Bircher muesli in a mason jar is one of the best because it’s supposed to be left overnight or over a few nights.
Another good one is healthy breakfast muffins, this can be sweet or savoury

Villads X.
Yes you can make chia pudding in advance and top them up with fruit, if you make them in a mason jar the night before they are good to go in the morning

Jayden C.
Overnight oats you can do the night before. Cover some porridge oats in milk and add honey and fruit and any seeds or extras you want, leave in fridge overnight and it's ready to take with you the next morning! If you make it in a smoothie jug, or something that has a lid or handle, that makes it easier. Tasty and super healthy.

Anne X.
Muffins veganos! Son muy fáciles de hacer, son sanos, puedes hacerlos com aceite de coco y añadirle muchas semlas nutritivas y sabires ricos.

Calvin J.
I’ve been making quick bento breakfasts and overnight oats during dinner cleanup the night before so i have grab and go breakfasts

Samuel Z.
Overnight oats! I make mine in a mason jar and bought a leak-proof lid from Amazon so I can take it with me on the go. There are endless possibilities when it comes to recipes. Start by Googling it and get creative from there! (Pay attention to calories, though; even healthy ingredients can make for combos too high in cals, fats, carbs, etc.) Happy eating!

Vicky P.
Fresh fruit with granola and yogurt. I have minced fruit in a bag so I put all the ingredients in a cup before I run out the door 🙂

Alfred E.
I find plain yogurt, fruit and granola to be good. But my favorite for meal prep was cottage cheese, nut butter and fresh berries. I would make single portions in small mason jars. Perfect for meal prepping.

Jean C.
Overnight oats in a mason jar is my standby. I also make oatmeal bakes once a week. Those are easy to eat in the car on those especially hectic days. There are lots of recipes on the web, I'm a fan of Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry.