How can I make myself hungry if I don’t want to eat in the morning?

Alice P.
plan to eat something that you really like. if you do not normally eat pancakes for breakfast but really love them, make them the night before. if it’s easier, have breakfast in a café or outside, with a friend.
Carolina N.
A good breakfast is important to keep energu throughout the day. Even if you're not hungry, i would suggest eating a light breakfast or prepare a "on the go" breakfast for when ypu get hungry on your way to work or when you're already there.
Paola M.
You don’t have to eat right away after you wake up. Just remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Also if you wanna eat carbs that’s the best time to do it without feeling guilty 😂. And if not try a glass of warm water with lime juice and a teaspoon of honey, that might help to activate your hunger hormone. 😉
Timeo N.
Start with something small. Eat something that you like a lot eating, for example. Since you get that first bite your organism will reach out for more ! It's magical
Maya O.
I feel the same way! But by exercising in the morning, I build up an appetite and feel like eating anyway. Also, sensing the difference in my body throughout the day is a great motivator.
M Nica N.
I usually just wait for a few minutes to be fully awake and the hunger comes. If that doesn’t happen with you the best is to eat something a little lighter and take a snack (like a protein bar) with you to eat 30 minutes to 1 hour later. By that time you will probably be hungry. Another option is to avoid overeating before going to bed. After you eat diner try to not eat too much and if you feel hungry at night drink some tea because more often than not our brain tells us that we are hungry when in fact you are dehydrated and need to drink some water. Hope it helped 🙂
Anthea I.
Make sure you have different breakfast options. If you're not hungry jet try to start with just a cracker or something easy and light for that day. If you make it a habit you will notice your body is getting used to it and the days you can't eat a well portioned breakfast will be the exception.
Danielle Z.
Actually, you don't have to feel hungry in order to eat breakfast. Being hungry just means that the body is already lacking the nutrients that your body needs in order to function properly. It's already a warning sign. The goal is that your body should not feel hunger or any craving. Always remember that eating proper breakfast will nourish your body and keep your energy levels for the tasks you need to take in the morning. It's a vital part of the day that will stir you up for success althroughout the day. If you don't feel like eating try at least 1 boiled egg, a cup of yogurt or milk shake.
Manna Q.
Have a small snack to kickstart your metabolism(a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts), you will feel hungry in an hour or so. Drinking water when you wake up in the morning. Also, don't eat a heavy dinner and cut out midnight snacks, they mess with your natural metabolism.
Josef P.
Well, I don't know your eating habits, but I would not advise eating snacks before bed or during the nicht. If you are not doing either, then start small. First drink a glass of water every morning, then a cracker or one slice of bread, or a piece of fruit. Slowly build it up.
Sebasti O Q.
To be honest, I don't let hunger dictate whether or not I eat breakfast. I don't feel hunger 90% of the time, so I just tend to eat at the times I'm "supposed" to eat. I suggest you have a plan for what you're gonna eat in the morning and make sure everything you need to prepare breakfast is available before you go to bed. It doesn't have to be a big breakfast or even an elaborate one, just something you wouldn't feel bad about eating. For me, that's eggs. Nothing fancy. Hope this helps!
Hans W.
Have your fav snack ready the day before, then taste one bite,do some lunges to the fridge instead of walking to the fridge and your body will become super thristy/hungry
Tanner P.
It's not simply the fact of you not being hungry when you wake up but the fact of you'll be hungry later if you don't eat in the morning. Your body digests everything in your sleep so it's best to get that burst of energy for the day.
El Na O.
Do not eat snacks after dinner, even the innocent ones, because these may still make you feel full in the morning. When you wake up, drink a glass of warm water with lemon and give yourself some me-time. Don't make yourself feel under stress, this is not a race. You can stretch your body to wake it up, and dry brushing is a good idea to make your body awakened as well!
Ethan E.
I usually don't like to eat in the morning. But I'm understanding that starting the day with a good breakfast is good for me. So, what helps me is thinking the day before what I'm going to eat. I think of something light, not a lot of food, and food I genuinely like. That way, I'm excited beforehand and It will be easier to feel the desire to eat. When I wake up I drink some water and that wakes my body up. That makes me feel more desire to eat. Hope it helps.
Klaus D F.
You do not need to eat in the morning if you do not want to. Listen to your body and feed it when it’s hungry. That’s what actual doctors advise as opposed to the magazines.
Sabrina F.
First of all,drink a glass of slight warm water after waking up even if you don't feel like. Then get fresh and do warmup a little bit. If you have time,do a full workout or go for a walk. Breath in fresh air,make a prayer to Allah,hear soothing sounds. Try to spend some time in nature. Most important of all,try to wake up early in the morning and keep enough time to have breakfast.