What are your favorite breakfast meals?

Louanne Q.
A Banana and strawberrie Smoothie! Easy to make and good for health aswell, add some peanut butter or oats while your at it 😉
Abigail T.
Spanish and avocados and eggs it fills you with the minerals and proteins that you need and it's filling without eating unhealthy foods
Jacqueline P.
I personally like eggs and they are convenient because i always have them in my refrigerator. I like to scramble them with salt and pepper and chives. Or I'll fry them and eat them with a side of fruits. Also, crepes made from egg and cream cheese are easy and healthy as well when served with berries and homemade whipped cream. Whipped cream is easy to make – just whip heavy whipping cream until it thickens to the correct consistency. Happy eating!
Celestine Q.
Eggs with veggies and avocado if I have time, otherwise oatmeal with hemp seeds, fruit and peanut butter! If I’m in a big time crunch, I’ll eat a Perfect Bar!
Dem Trio Z.
Egg whites, Avacado, and fruit. All natural smoothies with protein powder. Sometimes I’ll add uncured turkey bacon and trade out added veggies like bell pepper or spinach. On a rushed day I’ll have Rx bar!
Branka U.
I like to eat oats in the morning. Either as porridge or just on their own with milk or water. I like adding fruit too, blueberry's or bananas. And a few seeds on top for some crunch. If I'm feeling naughty I'll also have a teaspoon of honey drizzled on top!
Tommy Z.
Kodiak cakes has a really good pancake line that’s filled with protein and it’s not too sugary. Pairing it with a banana or other fruits makes it even flavorful. Nothing can go wrong with scrambled eggs either.
Lioba C.
My favorite are the bad ones (high carb). Eggs are ok. I have a high protein pancake mix that is good with sugar free syrup. Greek yogurt is good.
Tilde Z.
When I have time to sit and eat I like to have eggs and toast. If I'm in a rush I can make a yogurt smoothie w power greens and protein powder. If I'm running late I just shake up protein powder w water and take some almonds.
Chiara Q.
Well at the moment , I prefer eggs and a cup of hot Moroccan tea along side with yogurt and in best cases I end it with an apple .
Ana U.
For the past few months my favorite quick and easy go-to breakfast has been a boiled egg with a grapefruit and a cup of tea. Its healthy and definitely starts off my day with something delicious.
Mattie W.
I enjoy quick easy things that pack a punch like
Quakers porridge to go bars
Super smoothies & sliced meat.
Add some lions mane & chaga coffee and whatever daily supplements you take, & WATER
Luigi U.
My favourite breakfast is sugar free and gluten free açai berry cereals with almond or oat milk, 10 almonds, 5 walnuts, 10 blueberries, 5 raspberries, 3 Chinese dates, 1 banana and a cup of espresso (which I normally add to the milk and cereals).
Isaiah J.
Smoothies (blueberries, kale, almond butter, banana, and cashew milk) and overnight oats with chia seeds, almond butter, almonds and blueberries
Isaiah C.
– Mashed sweet potato and almond butter with a small piece of dark chocolate
– Banana pancakes made with banana, eggs and protein powder
– Porridge with peanut butter and cocoa powder
– Avocado toast
– Toast with ricotta and berries on top
Sofia Z.
As a vegan, I like to start the day with good nutrition so have overnight oats with plain yoghurt, berries, a little peanut butter and chia/flax seeds and nuts. Otherwise smashed avocado on a wholemeal pitta bread
Doris C.
I love eating things that feel good for me and healthy in the mornings mostly. A lot of fruits and/or plenty of vegetables with a side protein. Something along the lines of a nice smoothie with an egg of some sort or a mixture of fruits and veggies with an egg of choice is usually my go-to. This is all usually after a morning work out or meditation or just general relaxation time with some tea or coffee.
Dieter Q.
Oatmeal. My recipe is very simple. 3 tablespoons of oats, 1 small smashed banana, 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed and cinnamon.
Ros Lia Q.
Really depends on the mood and spare time. Sometimes is is just porridge, but once I even had a steak. For an out-of-home meal a poached egg with some salmon is my favorite.
Henning Z.
Oatmeal With Peanut butter and milk. Low GI whole wheat bread with eggs, cheese and sausage. Or Low GI whole wheat bread with Tuna and cheese. Muesli and Plain Fat Free yogurt.
Katie E.
Eggs give me a lot of energy for the day so usually I’ll have a poached egg on toast, maybe with some avocado or spinach. I love bananas so banana smoothies really work for me, with soy milk and a tablespoon of peanut butter. If I’m in a hurry then cereal with soy milk is really filling and easy
Ida A.
On the weekends I like to have homemade healthy pancakes but during the week I like a banana and some fresh berries along with a glass of 100 percent freshly squeezed orange juice to awaken the senses.
Toni U.
Scrambled eggs with spring onions, avocado and a rye cracker with almond butter and finally, oats with almond butter and chia seeds!
Darryl Z.
What I’ve been eating every morning for breakfast for the past two weeks has been the Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes. Packed with fruit, grains, and oatmeal, it fills me up so much and I’m not hungry or having cravings until lunch time!