What do you think about shugar and sweets?

Nicolette F.
i’m trying to avoid added sugar in my food and instead of sweets i like fruit but it’s about balance so sometimes i eat like chocolate or something like that
Xisto N.
I think that sweets are a good way to treat yourself on occasion, but can be bad for you when not used in moderation. You need to be mindful of everything you eat and really ask yourself if it’s a good thing for you at that moment. If you feel like eating something sweet you might be lacking nutrients or needing a snack, so try something like apples and peanut butter, grapes, berries, dried fruit, graham crackers, a smoothie, etc!
Molly E.
As long as you eat sugar and sweets in moderation and it's not a every day eating habit than I think they are pretty tasty!
Anita C.
Generally, I do not gravitate toward them on the day-to-day. When I do though, I am often anxious and stressed. Or I am celebrating an important occasion or a small victory. If I pay attention when I am opting for sugar and sweets, it is a solid clue to my mental state.