Are there any protein filled breakfasts that are healthy without eggs?

S F.
Absolutely! Have you considered making a healthy and delicious smoothie for breakfast? You can take it with you anyway and sip on it for aas long you want. It can keep you energised and satiated for longtime. All you need is a good blender and any healthy (but of course tasty) ingredients you like. For protein you can add your favourite peanut butter to the smoothie (big spoonful), or you can add a scoop of healthy protein powder 🙂 Just make sure you don't buy any protein powders marketed for weight loss, because these are actually full of unhealthy ingredients and will leave you filling more hungry, rather than full. There are many delicious and very nutritious protein powders you can buy, that will meet your protein needs easily. You can then add any other ingredients to your smoothie. Add whatever healthy milk you like, also water can help if you want a less thick mixture. You can also use oat milk, that has good protein. All I'd suggest is focusing on one source of protein for this meal, otherwise it might upset your tummy. Add your favourite fruit(s), such as banana with strawberries, or mango (with ripe pineapple is nice too.) You can even add spinach. That's the awesome thing about a homemade protein smoothie, you can add whatever you like, and it can be healthy but still taste delicious. I recommend the Ninja blender, I use it and it will blend anything. Only downside is it is noisy, but it does the job and doesn't leak like other brands. If making a smoothie sounds like too much for you, you could have oatmeal/porridge in the morning for breakfast, that's full of protein. Or you could have a cereal (that's healthy with fibre) and mix thorougly into it with milk a scoop protein powder. There are many options. I hope that these help. Wishing you all the best!