Any recipes that are quick to meals besides oatmeal or grits (not a fan)?

Marilyn F.
eggs! there's so many ways to eat these and they come together fairly quickly whether you're scrambling, frying or hard boiling them. a slice of toast with some fruit is always good too.

Addison S.
smoothies are super easy! there are thousands of online recipies and you can just make it at night, pop it in the fridge, and it’ll be ready in the morning. plus, you can have bunches of different fruits, veggies, and nutrition drinks all in one!

Joshua O.
Fried rye bread covered in egg – the trick is to break the egg on top, so it soaks the dough. You can throw in some canned beans or a slice of turkey. Also – cottage cheese and an apple, literally no cooking needed

Isabelle N.
avocado toast! just get some bread and an avocado and spread it on, or peanut butter strawberry/banana toast. you can make anything with toast. i also like yogurt bowls, smoothies

Angelic Q.
Personally, my favorite breakfast that’s is pretty quick is yogurt with granola. You can also add other toppings, I love to add peanut butter and strawberries.

Tessa M.
Energy/Power Toast
Number of bread slices you would like (any bread works)
Any nut butter
Sprinkle a little chia seeds
Drizzle honey
Add any other toppings you would like ( Banana, fruits, nuts, etc.)