What is the best thing about getting up early for a healthy breakfast? Do you do other enjoyable things in the morning before breakfast? I mean, rushing it makes it less enjoyable, so if you have time, what do you do?

Jonas Y.
I have to get dressed and ready for work. Then I have to get Madison ready, then drive to his Nursery, drop him off then get to work before thinking about breakfast. Maybe I should have breakfast at home first?

Katherine A.
I like to make it feel like a weekend breakfast – meaning I take my time making a good breakfast which makes me forget about the fact that I am heading to work. It’s a nice relaxing part of the morning before the hectic stuff begins.

Greg F.
I usually wake up hungry, so when i wake up, i like having my coffee protein shake. I feep energetic and ready for the day after that

Ralph U.
I dont have to wake up any earlier to make my quick breakfast. I feel much better when I eat a home made breakfast than if I pick up a less healthy breakfast on the way and eat it in a rush. When I have the time I can make my lunch for the day as well or switch up my breakfast for some variety

Jack F.
If I have time, I like to make myself eggs and toast, with my personal recipe of tea or coffee. I also make some for my mom, and leave it for her with a note saying how thankful I am for her. After that I usually sit outside or watch the TV for a bit before starting my day. It makes me feel great to have a healthy, filling breakfast, and to have started my mother’s day off well. I also wish my significant other a good day over text or video first thing in the morning, which starts my day off by talking to the people I love. I like waking up early because of the singing birds outside, the perfect view of the sunrise from my porch, and the cold dew on my bedside window.

Ruben Y.
Having a good breakfast has helped kickstart my day, helping me feel better. I have a child so before I do anything on my to do list I take off all his needs first. It's nothing glorious about what I do before I start my day, it's just something I have to do before taking care of me first.

Theodore F.
When I wake up early I get to hang out with my dogs before the whole house wakes up and admire the quiet. And I have extra time to think of the healthy breakfast I’m going to make.

Ella W.
Make a coffee to enjoy with breakfast and enjoy watching the world wake up. I have a tree outside the kitchen that is often filled with birds

Jeppe X.
I usually do a 10-15 minute light workout, write my plans for the day, and spend time with my cats. I usually eat breakfast about an hour and a half after I wake up. I like to get a workout done so I don't have any excuses, then spending time with my cats is relaxing and enjoyable.

Traudl Y.
I like checking my social media during breakfast so that I don't get distracted later on with them… I enjoy it, and also get updated for the day!

Lisandra C.
I enjoy making my breakfast and take time on it. The I sit down properly to eat and savour it. While eating I read some news or listing to my piano in the background Spotify list.

Shane N.
It gives me time to start the day with a moment of relaxation. A slower start to the day equals less anxiety and stress overall. My breakfast is usually quite quick, but even 5 minutes of quiet and calm before a hectic day helps me get my mind into a good place.

Ana S N.
I like to stretch and foam roll. While waiting for stove to heat.Lately I’ve been eating a quick creative salad or smoked salmon , hard boiled eggs or sandwich meat for a convenient finger food breakfast. It’s fast and there’s no focus on the process of creating a great breakfast . Your just doing it while thinking about something fun or something you love.

Krzysztof Z.
In the morning I also need a lot of time to prepare myself. Especially when I have to do my makeup, checking what I'm going to wear etc. Also I have to prepare my meal which I'm going to take to my work

Victoria O.
If I have enough time, I like to browse random stuff on Internet, maybe play a game and have a brief meditation session

Ida W.
I felt like at first I was pushing myself to do it because I never really had a habit of having breakfast. Now I look forward to it. I think that knowing how important it is to keep your energy through the day makes me feel happy and good about myself because it feels like I’m giving my body what it needs to work properly. Also, I do my gratitude list before breakfast and that changes my day completely.

Joey Z.
I try to get up, meditate, exercise and eat a big breakfast. Result, leaves me charged up for the day. I’m not as consistent as I would like to be but I’m working on this .

Alfonso G.
Having a good breakfast helps you feeling energise during morning activities
Preparing breakfast
No other activities during breakfast
Could be good idea uplifting conversation reflecting good of day ahead

Alicia P.
Yes I wake up and exercise before breakfast, which in turn makes breakfast something to look forward too… Also jump starting my day as well… I also have toddler twins so they definitely keep me busy in the morning, especially waking up at 7am every morning… That’s the highlight of my day…

Wolf Dieter F.
I like getting up early on the morning. I feel more productive that time of day. I actually get up 2 hours befor I have to leave for work, so I have time to drink my 8oz of water, have coffee, and check things on my phone. I also take cooler not cold showers to help wake up. Its better to get your brain going and doesnt dry out your skin as bad. Trying to incorparate stretch or excersise to. But not really enough time.

Vernon Z.
I like to sit and take my time getting ready for work so I will eat breakfast, watch something, drink a tea, do my makeup and sit with my dogs. Just lots of little things to get me ready for my day

Phoebe S.
I like to wake up my mind early in the morning to give thanks and reflect on how blessed I am to be alive and able to carry out my desires. My ideal morning is to wake up before anyone else, and go outside, practice yoga, give thanks to the universe, eat, practice cello, shower and get ready. All before having to go to school. That would definitely be ideal. But I try to squeeze in at least 8.5 hours of sleep each night. That means I would have to wake up at 6, and go to sleep at 9:30.

Desirre A.
I love reading my book while I eat my breakfast and being able to take my dog on a long unrushed walk. If I have time I also prefer to be able to take the time to really get ready for the day and look my best!

Norman X.
Morning pages, gratitude journal, tidy the house a bit, pick an extra cute outfit, set intentions for the day, plan something joyful for my evening, pack a wonderful lunch, make the bed, or any tasks that make coming home delightful. Meditate. Take a bath instead of a shower.

Gloria T.
First thing i do in the morning is drink water. That makes me hydrated and feel awesome!
Before breakfast if i have time i drink coffee but i usually don’t have time. Then i have a quick breakfast and go for run 🎉

Gino E.
When I wake up and have time, I spend a moment reflecting before getting out of bed. I think of all the things I hope to do that day. Then when I’m eating breakfast, I like to sit comfortably and watch something while I eat.

Hildeberto Q.
I don’t enjoy eating breakfast during my workdays but I will drink a smoothie. On the weekends I love eating eggs for protein

Leon O.
Because of work I'm often sleep-deprived, so my mornings tend to be as short as possible. However, I have to wait to eat until my medicine has cleared, so I tend to check funny memes, turn on music or browse headlines while I get ready.

Connor J.
So I enjoy the morning breakfast this summer because I get to make breakfast with my daughters. It's the summer break for them so they enjoy the music along with creating breakfast.

Clarence O.
The feeling of being able to control time and seizing the day makes it super motivating. Running in the morning also helps me kickstart the day energetically. You can avoid rushing by thinking through how the habit is helping you while you’re doing it. I wish you very well.

Lester B.
My favourite thing to do in the morning is sit and have a coffee in bed and listen to the birds. But before that I do a mile run around the block. I always wanted to do a run in the morning but a mile felt too short. Now I’ve realised it fits perfectly, because it only takes eight or nine minutes

Julie P.
The best thing about getting up early for a healthy breakfast is feeling amazing afterwards. Getting the perfect nutrients you need can give you a huge energy boost. When I do have time I listen to some music that makes me happy and just smile. I notice the more I just smile the happier I feel.

Marie B.
I love slow mornings. Being rushed makes me anxious and I dont look my best. Being able to sit down and enjoy my coffee and write a list is something I strive to do even on work mornings. I enjoyed making time to stretch this morning and I will keep that up. I just need to get out of bed earlier. I can avoid the snooze by keeping my phone away from the bed so I'm forced to get up.

Lawrence T.
The best thing is feel like I am treating myself and it’s relaxed and I get to practice my cooking skills too. Yea I enjoy watching comedy clips, reading articles and watching a motioning show which makes the whole thing more enjoyable!

Abram O.
I will go to the bathroom, and make some coffee first. While I’m still waking up I enjoy sipping the hot coffee as the pan heats up for the eggs.

Theresa C.
I take a longer breakfast and can do things like read the news or watch some YouTube, at my own pace which is a good break from the fast paced life I normally live

Brennan F.
The best thing about getting up early for breakfast is knowing that I am getting a good head start in the day. And knowing that what I am eating is good for my body. Usually in the morning I eat breakfast first before doing anything else. Since I am waking up with an empty stomach and can’t really focus on other things. If I had time I would probably finish what I didn't the night before or start working on something that I have been putting off for a while.

Logan C.
I like the quiet in the morning before everyone else is up. It has a magical stillness. If I have time before breakfast, I like taking a shower and trying to feel each drop. Then, if I have time, I like to take my time picking what I’ll have and cooking it and sitting down and being mindful about flavor and presentation etc

Gladys P.
I just really enjoy relishing that quiet alone time when the day seems bright and full of possibilities. I usually take the time to enjoy my coffee and listen to the radio while I make up my goals for the day.

Elya E.
I will read or watch the news while I eat my breakfast. I try to avoid squak-y news, so I watch the pbs news hour while eat and then listen to it in the background while I get ready.

Lester I.
I live in a flatshare, so for me I would say the best thing about getting up early is that I get to start my day on my own terms. I get so quality me-time and I get to enjoy my breakfast. There is a stillness that i love in early mornings.
Other than breakfast, I normally meditate to start the day on a great note 🙂

Alberto C.
After waking up I drink the water, then the coffee, read the emails, declutter the inbox, read the news, listening music. Then tootbrush, exercising or yoga, then shower. And after these habits comes the breakfast around 10:30. I'm doing intermittent fasting, and 10 am is the earliest I can eat.

Robert S.
If you live with other people, this might be your only “me-time” of the day. Sitten by the breakfast table with your scrambled eggs reflecting over the day that’s upon you, or maybe you’d like to watch a motivational YouTube video. The point for me is that when I get up early I have all the time in the world to start the day exactly how I want

Uwe D.
Meditation and daily exercise makes me feel good and ready for the rest of my day. Having a good breakfast after a great workout feels good.

Katie T.
I like to wake up before my kids. I watch the weather and plan the day. It sets the day. I am in a better mood. When I rush I tend to forget things and the day is harder

Carlos J.
i've been making overnight oats for breakfast to save me time in the morning.
sometimes i'm up really early so eating isn't enjoyable, and i'll add a bit of chocolate to help it go down easier. the nice thing is they do keep me pretty full so i don't have to be distracted at work by hunger

Jeannette U.
I’ve actually not been getting up early for breakfast. I used to skip breakfast altogether. These days I’ve started buying apples and all natural peanut butter and enjoying that. It’s also helped me eat more fruit and veg during the day.

Ma Lle Q.
Right when you wake up it is really important for you to drink water so your system activates itself. You can also stretch for one minute or do yoga for a few minutes. In the breakfast you can eat some eggs, because they have high protein and protein energizes you a lot.

H Dieter M.
The best part of my day is early morning just as the sun is coming up. I like to sit by a window that faces my backyard and watch all the animals that come to visit. I find it very calming. When I have finished breakfast, I linger for a while longer with a cup of tea before I start work.

Hannes U.
In the morning I’m VERY rushed. But I still enjoy my breakfast. During the week I’m in school full time so I get up at 6, make my shake and oatmeal as I’m heading out the door at 7. So I’m literally eating my breakfast in the car. I listen to my favorite playlist and enjoy my commute while I eat my oatmeal in the traffic lulls. EXCELLENT!!

Enrique Y.
I listen to upbeat music to get me energized. Also preparing your breakfast can be a meaningful experience. I also use the time to talk with people I live with.

Connor J.
Go out to sunlight , have a big deep breath, enjoy the landscape, be greatful about how lucky am to wake up every morning and have the chance to do begin a new journey in my life.

Ma Lys T.
I do self talks. Reminding myself where i should go. What i must do. Remember the why. Why we want to change our habbits? These questioning sessions help me to envision the future me and checking how far i stand to it.