How do you find the motivation to get up and make breakfast everyday?

T Nia O.
Perhaps a too-easy answer: my stomach motivates me to make breakfast (after I have woken up). This is probably a result of an unbroken breakfast habbit all my life. I eat granola with milk for breakfast, or bread with cheese slices or some meat slices.
Noah E.
There are a couple of things I do. I will make biscuits when I feel motivated. I will but them in the fridge in a sealed bag. Then I can just take one out and add egg or jam (they have sugar free). For the egg I just put it in a small bowl, beat it with a fork add a little salt and pepper. I put it in the microwave for a minute. Then you have breakfast. If I am really unmotivated I keep boost for diabetics… or the adkins drinks in the fridge. They taste good they are low carb. ( I am diabetic). This is better than not eating anything. Also there are healthy fruit bars you can buy … watch or the fructose corn syrup. You can even go to your local health food store and ask them about it … if they sell food items also they will be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck!
P Rsio F.
I tried it the first day and felt energized and motivated. The second day I was hungry in the morning which made it easy to stay on track. Plus I shopped for healthy breakfast options ahead of time.
Rosa Z.
Have a plan for your breakfast so that its something to look forward to. My favorite right now is peanut butter on whole grain toast with chopped nectarine, blackberries, and honey. It's so fresh and flavorful, and I'm satisfied until lunch.
Nicolas Q.
I actually prepare my breakfast the night before. I make overnight oats with some cashew milk and yoghurt and top these with frozen berries and almonds. In the morning no cooking is required and I can just grab and eat my healthy breakfast straight out of the fridge or pop it in a microwave if I fancy it hot.
Dalva Y.
While making breakfast for myself is important, I also make breakfast for my fiance. He is always so appreciative that I make him breakfast. I like doing it because it starts his day off well. Whenever I make only myself breakfast, I don't feel as motivated to make it as healthy.
Leo T.
Planning is essential now. In my mind, I always have a plan on what I'll have for breakfast for the next day even if it's buying something to eat while I grab a morning coffee. Planning allows ensure I don't rush in the morning and miss having breakfast.
Marika F.
I try to focus on the benefits of actually eating breakfast everyday. It makes me feel energized and focused throughout the day honestly. Where as on those days where I skip breakfast I tend to feel tired and exhausted easily. So that’s my motivation.
Ana Y.
I feel better all day when I have eaten breakfast. I know I have a better chance to make it the best day rather than just getting through my day.
Rebecca T.
It doesn't take much time indeed to wake up 15 minutes earlier and make scrambled eggs with bacon and avocado toast. Oatmeal is also fast to cook, not mentioning just eating yogurt or fruits.
Marito E.
I treat breakfast like it's a treat. I buy the most tasty foods I can so I want to get up and eat them. I wash all my dishes before going to bed so tge kitchen is a nive place to be in tge morning. And I prepare whatever else I can the night before. Sometimes that just means putting porridge oats in a bowl with milk and frozen berries and leaving it in the fridge overnight. That way when I get up all i have left to do is eat 🙂
Heidi T.
I mean, I have a school to go to so I don't really have much of a choice when it comes to getting up. I've been feeling way better when I had breakfast so not wanting to be a zombie motivates me I guess. Also this answer writing thing is so broken wtf
Magda Q.
I honestly never have motivation to get up early and make breakfast. Planning ahead amd making breakfast ahead of time is my key plus I have easy grab and go food in the fridge like greek yogurt, healthy nuts, already chopped fruit. When life is super busy- overnight oats are the best- scour the internet for make ahead breakfast ideas that you like.
Howard Z.

Well firstly I'm extremely hungry everyday morning so that's my first motivation. Also, I don't like spending too long making breakfast, seen as I'll be making lunch and dinner. I'm not a fan of cooking. So it's always something easy like egg on toast or porriage with banana and chai seeds. Then tea to go with it. I would rarely make an English breakfast or an omlette only because I won't need to cook lunch or dinner. Also, if I have work then it is a banana or an apple on the go.

Lucr Cia Q.
I don't. I make a pot of oatmeal and boil 5 eggs on Monday. Then I portion this out into 5 servings and each morning, I grab a Tupperware container with my breakfast already prepared and I warm it in the microwave for 60 seconds.
Alma N.
I don’t make a big breakfast. Usually it’s something that’s already made or Easy to grab and go. I keep it simple and fast. I know if I don’t have something to eat in the morning then I ll be starving befor lunch.
Bebiano S.
I usually purchase breakfast on the way to work. I often get food at a mom and pops shop where I find the food to be very good and healthy.
Thea N.
I remember how bad I feel on days when I don't. Without a protein breakfast, I am weak and shaky and tired. I know I need that breakfast to get through my day.
Elliot F.
Food has always been love. You need to tell yourself that the morning breakfast is the fuel for you for the whole day and that becomes a motivation because you want to get it right. Then I look at some yummy recipes the previous day and can't wait to try it. I shop the ingredients and everything the previous day and keep everything ready and I eagerly wait for the next morning just to try it.
Isabella Z.
I usually make my breakfast the night before! Making overnight oats on Sundays means I don't have to think much about breakfast over the week, and I can just enjoy some oatmeal with fruit and chia seeds along with my coffee.
Leonard F.
I love start my day with a delicious meal. So I prepare it carefully and enjoy it quietly. It is my way to energy and focus all day long
Jar C.
Creating good habits is the key to beating my depression, so I remind myself that every morning. Beating depression starts right now, with breakfast.
Marion E.
It is a struggle. I bought a Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker. After preheating, it only takes 4 minutes. It has helped me more than anything. Some of my colleagues take oatmeal to work and fix it there. I made some pumpkin honey wheat muffins that are more filling since I used wheat flour. I put them in the freezer but they're actually soft enough to eat straight out of the freezer. They'd be good with a piece of fruit. Good luck!
Nanna Z.
I prepare overnight oats the night before. This makes it easier to not eat it once I've made it and I don't need to think about it too much in the morning
Kasper W.
So far, I’ve been doing easy things, like making yogurt parfaits the night before so it’s ready in the morning. Or I make instant oatmeal, steel cut oats, when I get to work.
Cory P.
I find it easier to prep breakfast beforehand. I’m much more motivated to prep at night and know I’m gonna wake up to food. I’d also suggest having a plan of what you are gonna it so you don’t have to make any decisions in the morning. Decision fatigue is a thing and it makes it really had to get motivated.
Eliot T.
Once I started eating everyday I realized that I was hungry everyday. Before I made the habit it was hit or miss if I would be able to "stomach" food. Then I discovered that on days I had breakfast my energy and mood were better, and my eating habits were more Balanced throughout the day. I realized that eating breakfast made me hungry for life and if I wanted to stay hungry I had to keep eating.
Anatole C.
Breakfast is part of my morning routine which is a gift I make to my self every day. I wake up very early, do yoga, meditate and enjoy my breakfast while reading something of my interest. I don't need to be motivated, I'm so use to do it that those days I can't I feel like there's something wrong with me. But to get there you first need to stick to the habit. I guess a good trick could be to prepare something really delicious so that breakfast become something you can't wait to enjoy.
Leonildo S.
It's early days still, but for me the best thing is to be prepared the night before. Overnight oats – porridge oats soaked in milk, with frozen berries and a teaspoon of maple syrup, left in the fridge the night before. By morning the berries are soft and juicy and the oats are creamy. All I have to do is reach into the fridge and eat them – no prep. It's not so much finding motivation at the moment as making it as easy as possible. Like having water by the bed for first thing.