What are your favourite oatmeal recipes?

Lizelda F.
Hmm, actually I didn't make an oatmeal but my favourite oatmeal, somehow I know, is putting some fruits like strawberry. It looks like refreshing, more attractive and delicious.
Lamia Y.
25g Quaker Oats, 150ml half skim milk, stir and microwave for 3 minutes and then add 30g of raspberries and honey to taste. Filling and healthy!
Bernard W.
I really like making oatmeal muffins. They are like regular muffins but in healthier variation. I use oat flour, put some honey and banana for sweetness, add some baking soda and dark chocolate and after baking they become so tasty! It has no sugar and white flour inside.
I also like to bake oatmeal cookies. The recipe has the same ingredients as the muffins but I add full-rolled oats inside. After baking they become very delicious.
M A E.
I loooove simple oatmeal – with a spoonful of butter(small) and some sprinkled salt on top. But when I'm craving sth sweeter, then my favourite go-to is cooked porridge with a mashed banana. Maybe some sprinkled cinnamon on top 😋
Cory F.
The Quaker Oats fruits and cream packets are so good. I usually have two of the same flavor. My favorite is peach and banana. Which ever one I choose I cut up fresh bananas in it and put a bit of condensed milk, nutmeg and cinnamon.
Oliver C.
Savoury oatmeal. Parsley, oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Add some nutritional yeast if you feel fancy. Leave in front of the open window while you go for a morning run, come back to tasty warm porridge right after showering, slurp away in front of YouTube while your hair dries.
Enno X.
Anything will do, because usually I mix it with everything even in the instant noodles; still in a habit varieties my oatmeal recipe, try & error.
Joann T.
I really like just stirring a small spoonful of my favorite jam or fruit preserves into my oatmeal or some peanut butter and honey. I am hoping to try baked oatmeal soon because it sounds really good and I've been looking at recipes for oat pancakes! You can make them healthy with banana, pumpkin, spinach and other yummy foods! And not drowning them in syrup lol😄