Isn’t it better to do exercise then eat rather then do it when your stomach is full?

Uzma W.
Yeah, you are right that we should always exercise on empty stomach instead of full one because it's really harmful for the organs or for the parts of the body doing exercise. I prefer empty stomach for exercise and it would be great if you drink a little bit of hot water in the morning it will help in weight loss.

Sibilla U.
Yes, it is better to do exercise than eat because when stomach is empty, we can do exercise and it gives us more benefits as compared to do exercise when stomach is full. Many scientific proof and experts of fitness also recommended to do exercise when stomach is empty.

Julian J.
I guess it depends on the person. For me, if i hit the road with empty stomach, I won't feel energized enough to go on. I certainly need the fuel.
You should see which way you're more comfortable with :))

Hans Rainer E.
I would say it's better to do exercise before having breakfast/when your stomach is full you'd prefer taking a nap or be to tired to do anything

Darcy U.
Absolutely. When you eat a big meal and then exercise, your body is forced to supply a lot more blood to the stomach for digestion, meaning less blood is going to your muscles – meaning you can't workout as well as you could on an empty stomach. It's good to eat an HOUR before your workout so you can have more energy. 💪

Mischa N.
This depends on personal choice. In my opinion I would rather exercise with empty stomach and reward myself with lovely food afterwards. Also this depends on whether you exercising in the morning, afternoon or evenings.