How do you find time to eat a breakfast? I run late if I do eat.

Barry C.
I started to wake up 30 minutes earlier to give myself extra time. You can also pre prep your breakfast or grab a protein mix or bar to save time.
Nicole D.
You can prepare it the night before. Have it on the go. Or make something that is super simple like fruit and cereals or toast and milk! I think it's super important to have breakfast as it fuels the fasting body. I hope this helps!:)
Ruska E.
I set my alarm early enough to have time for breakfast. I like to reserve one hour for preparing and eating it, because I'm super slow in the morning and hate getting up from bed.
Ugo T.
Usually, I’d get something in the commons at school or I’d just wait until lunch came around. Now, that I’m home I make sure to eat at least something in the morning. Most of the time I have eggs and coffee or just coffee
Dwight J.
I always wake up early, at 5:00 am. I'm a student. I'm 12 years old to be exact. Usually, I have enough time to have breakfast and to do all the things I need to do.
Ricky P.
There are many ways to find time:
– wake up earlier
– prepare the breakfast in the night before
– or eat a quick porridge or milk shake with fresh fruits, seeds and/ or dry fruits
Hope i could help in some way
Dennis Z.
Try to make ur breakfast the night before. I make a breakfast sandwich in the night then heat it up in the morning u can eat it on the go. Or u can make overnight oats and eat those on the go too
Liyong Q.
Sometimes it feels like a luxury or an indulgence eating a good breakfast. It really isn’t I’m just feeding myself good food. I wake up early and the night before I have an idea of what I would like. I like being up before everyone else and to relax in the peace and quiet. So that time alone is something I treasure and during that time I eat breakfast!