What is your favorite healthy breakfast?

Uta F.
My favorite breakfast would probably have to be either a bagel with cream cheese or pancakes, boston style eggs, and soft bacon (I don’t like super hard bacon so I don’t cook it as long, it’s better that way to me)
Genevieve N.
During the week, I really like yogurt with homemade granola and fruit. I like also chia pudding and overnight oatmeal. I prepare at least 3 breakfasts on Sunday so I can just grab it and go.
Maritza Q.
It could be different versions but my favorite healthy breakfast always includes eggs, fiber and some vegetables or fruit.
Eloane E.
I love chia seed pudding that I prepared the night before( in mason jars). I would use fresh fruit to top. (I portion them in little zippy baggies in the fridge the night before) and some sprinklings or granola for some real nice crunch.
Felicia O.
I like to have a full energy breakfast with lots of proteins , vitamins and low sugar. I like to expermint so I don't have a go to breakfast , but I usually have a plate of oat porridge maybe some cheese or butter and a cup of tea. If you want , you can add in your porridge some raspberries or other fruits or seeds that you like !
Moises Y.
My favorite breakfast is oatmeal with milk. Pro tip, let the oatmeal rest in the milk or water for a while (overnight ideally) and they will taste even better.
Sieglinde J.
Bananas and cream as they leave me feeling fresh and valued and the reasons for this is banana are fresh and and mixed with cream is something we don’t naturally do so to do this and prepare leaves me values.
Soraia W.
It depends on how much time I have. During the working week I prefer things I can make quickly like musli with oat milk and fruit. During the weekend I like something hot – like cooked vegetables on toast or a Lebanese foul with bread and fresh veg.
Rich T.
Every morning I'm having soya milk (or similar) 1 banana, 4 tablespoons of oatmeal, some form of Berry e.g blueberries, raspberries etc and a serving of hemp protein all blended into a delicious smoothie