Does a ketogenic diet truly work? And does it provide any health risks?

Darlene Y.
As far as my knowledge goes, while a ketogenic diet well thought out can work, it does not provide significant health benefits, and a bad one may give you lesser vitamins and other nutrients than what you need
Anna X.
Yes, and maybe it does provide risks because when you go on a certain diet, you turn like your system around, so it could adjust to the diet. Idk
Maureen P.
I am not a medical expert. But I know that ketogenic has health risks. Balance diet should always be practiced and firstly consult with a dietician before following any type of diet
Mathys E.
If you'd like, you can definitely give it a shot. If you're using it for weight loss purposes, all such diets boil down to reducing the amount of calories you eat, as that is what drives weight gain or loss, and keto does it by removing carbs. However, entirely removing a food group, as keto does, isn't the most ideal solution, as your body needs carbs to function. But there are definitely other points of view on keto, its just not my thing. Best of luck!