Do you have a high protein go-to breakfast for when you`re in a rush?

Herbert P.
Protein is very important for health you could give your self some egg for protein and bread for caliam . This simple meal will energize you and start a great day
Elmano B.
I like Jimmy Dean's Simple Scrambles. It's a cup of eggs that you mix with cheese, vegetables, and bacon or sausage, then cook in the microwave. Much faster and less messy than making your own scrambled eggs.
Lauriana Q.
I've started keeping apples in the house so if I'm really in a rush I can quickly slice one and put a little peanut butter in a mini tupaware. Its quick and I can eat it on the go.
Emilie O.
I try not to be in a rush and I try to give myself enough time every morning to have a nice breakfast. My favorite is oatmeal and fruit or dairy-free yogurt and granola. I make sure I have enough protein, carbs, sugar, and healthy fats.
Antonio Z.
I always take time the night before to hard boil an egg. I put it in the refrigerator and leave it there overnight. I can take it out in the morning and eat it as part of a salad, in a sandwich or even on its own. I find that trying to cook in the morning just doesn't work for me. Other breakfast foods that contain protein include yoghurt and nuts or seeds. I hope I have helped you in some way! Good luck!
Ma Lie Q.
When I'm in a rush usually make a jar with yogurt, chia, and grains. It's quick and easy. I also like to make also a peanut butter , honey, and banana sandwhich.
Brian W.
Protein powder mixed in almond milk!
Brianna Z.
I am a big fan of Sarvaa Superfood Patxha protein. It is a super clean energy source with nothing but high quality ingredients and loads of good tasting protein. I mix it with a splash of coconut milk and water and occasionally add a powdered greens blend for a boost.
Nathan P.
A good quality fruit and nut bar like a Kind bar or even just a couple handfuls of nuts and a piece of fruit like a banana or apple slices and peanut butter is good too. Sometimes a piece of toast with peanut butter and jam or honey works if I have time.
Math O T.
Yes, when I'm on the go I grab a bannana and a handful of nuts. Because I don't usually have yogurt at home. I will stop by Casey's and grab a yogurt and gas. Maybe even a protein bar if I'm really hungry.
Line Q.
I have started to buy protein bars that I see that are on sale to try. I am trying to find one that I like and can use as a go-to. Because I am usually not hungry at all when I wake up, it has been easy to leave breakfast out of my morning equation. Part of my journey is waking up and giving myself enough time to plan a quick breakfast that I can eat once I get to work. Still working on that! I have found Olly protein bars in a peanut butter chocolate flavor that isn’t too sweet for me and is substantial enough to eat just one. It has all the right labels too. (15g Plant based protein, gluten free, high fiber, etc.) This is one I will try to find again, perhaps in other flavors.
Ottilie A.
When I’m in a hurry I quickly make a fried egg, if I can’t eat it at home I make a fried eggs sandwich with whole-wheat bread. Then I’ll put it in a ziplock bag and eat it on the go.
Nora Y.
Yess! Greek yogurt in a serving cup can be up to 15 grams. If you have Trader Joe’s they sell it a dollar per cup and it’s TJ quality. 😀 i put it on oatmeal with nut butter but for an even quicker option mix in muesli that has nuts and seeds in it. Can still add nut butter too!
Peter O.
Yes, whole milk yogurt (sigis) with fruit and berries (I prefer blueberries with raspberries and a banana). Alternatively, prepare meat cutlets beforehand.